Is grammar really important? 2

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How important actually is it to have a sound knowledge of the English grammar? And difference can it make even in our choice of career?

Is grammar really important? 2

Good Grammar And Writing

Between e-mails, texts and Tweets, our society spends a lot of time communicating via the written word. We spend more time writing in our professional and personal lives than we probably imagine. What you may not realise is that these written exchanges can boost your career or hinder it, depending on how you treat them. Bear in mind that good writing is inextricably linked to good grammar.

Uche recently got a job with a public relations firm, and he's quickly discovering that his writing abilities are helping his fledgling career. In the few months he's been on the job, he's seen his list of responsibilities grow.

“Right after I was hired, the MD told me it was largely due to my application letter and the essay I had written during the interview process, that they chose me,” Uche says.

Writing Skills Affect Every Career:
How you write speaks volumes about you. Incorrect grammar, spelling and usage make a bad impression and can affect your credibility on the job. With the advent of text messaging, instant messaging and social networking sites such as Twitter, more people are abandoning the rules of writing, and this does not translate well to the professional setting. Obviously, in a showdown between two applicants, an employer will choose the better writer.

A Reputation As A Good Writer Pays Off:
Effective communication skills enhance one's professional image in ways one can never expect. A contributor on a forum has this to say of himself:

I'm no genius, no superstar — but strong writing skills have always made me a valuable asset. In school, I frequently earned higher marks than my classmates because of my writing abilities, a trend that carried over to my business life. Regardless of my position, I've become the default writer and editor everywhere I've worked. Writing skills matter. For some odd reason, people think you are smarter and more competent.

Little wonder some people have remained secretaries of which ever organisations they belong.

Your Writing Is The Face Of Your Professional Image:
All business communications should be treated with some level of professionalism. Although not every e-mail is a letter to the CEO, don't forget that these messages can be forwarded to anyone. Plus, in a culture where e-mails are more prevalent than face-to-face conversations, your writing is the face of your professional image.

In the same vein, as a writer, your book or your article represents you and is a reflection of your mind. If your job is sound, it's taken for granted that you have a sound mind. No matter how essential the information you want to pass across, if your writing is fraught with errors, your readers lose interest.

I listened to a motivational speaker speak on the tenets of success. He was interesting, and his message had content. Above all, he had a good command of the English Language. After speaking, he advertised his book from which he took most of what he had taught. The book wasn't expensive, and if what he had taught was what he put down in that book, I would be foolish to pass off the chance of getting the book. I bought one. However, when I settled down to read, I discovered that the book was fraught with errors. Since, I did not have something else to read on the bus, coupled with the fact that the book just had about forty pages, I managed to read on. But since then, I can not remember where I dropped it; it's not worth sharing with or recommending to my friends, most of who share my view on what a good book should be made of.

The comments of Jerry Bens are instructive:

Personally I don't see bad grammar as a lack of intelligence per se, but a lack of respect for the reader. If you want someone to respect and read your writing then is it too much to ask for some readable grammar? It's not like it's that hard, especially spelling on a computer. I see it as laziness to not check your grammar and correct mistakes, and I’m too lazy to read your bad grammar.

So again, is grammar really important?
Yes, proper grammar is very important. Correct grammar keeps you from being misunderstood and lets you effectively express your thoughts and ideas – key to all business communications.
When writing on behalf of your organisation, it is important to ensure you use correct grammar – it can mean all the difference between readers trusting your expertise or questioning your knowledge of the subject matter. The bottom line is: If you can't write properly, you can't relay your subject matter with authority.

Good grammar is subjective and quite debatable; however, bad grammar is always bad and should always be avoided, be you a student, doctor, engineer, lawyer, pastor, whoever you are or whatever you do.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
10th Apr 2012 (#)

yes, good grammar that includes punctuation is very important. The more we write and read other blogs the more we improve. Good piece.

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