Is our conscious mind more powerful than our subconscious mind, or not?

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Some will tell you that consciousness is the great illusion. Others will state that we must grow our consciousness until it reaches the ultimate state called God consciousness.

This somewhat controversial article claims that both of these views are the wrong view. Read on and observe yourself in the mirror of this writer's own consciousness. See if you like his view, or not.

Can our conscious mind ever really control our subconscious mind, or not?

Most people will tell you that we need to try to control our subconscious mind with our conscious mind. We need to change or alter the blueprint, or the programming within our subconscious mind in order to bring about what we want from our conscious mind.

Is this really all back-to-front though?

Do we really ever have to try to align our conscious mind to our subconscious? Is this ever really necessary for us to do?Do we really ever need to get our subconscious to accept our conscious suggestions to it, or not?

The truth is that we never need any of these conscious intentions at all!

It is more that we just must understand our subconscious just as it is because our consciousness itself cannot really ever change anything. It merely just sees things in its mirror of consciousness, and what really changes things is something else altogether.

Is this change-agent the power of love maybe then, or is it maybe our soul?

The subconscious mind is only unconscious to us because it is unknowable to the conscious mind. It is not unknowable to your soul though.

Our subconscious mind bypasses consciousness because consciousness so often gets it wrong because of its wanting to work from its own desires, by its thinking that it needs to grow, or to be something else of itself.

The truth is though that our consciousness is nothing but a passing wave that sits on top of the greater unconsciousness, but which is never unconscious to love.

The truth is that the unconscious is conscious to love and to God, and it is our conscious mind that is unconscious to him because we try to own it for ourselves.

God does freely allow this to happen to us when we isolate ourselves to ourselves by our owning of this consciousness. When we do so however, we lose our connection to the greater unconsciousness of God, and to all oneness.

Drop yourself to become the all in the all, once more again.

Stop trying to grow your own consciousness, and simply take on the consciousness of God, by dropping your own back into his. His unconsciousness will then become your consciousness too. Your consciousness will then fade away. It is really just an attachment of your ego's.

Consciousness explained in spiritual terms

What exactly is consciousness?

Is it no more than just a field developed around love as a mirror that we can view ourselves within from our own perspective in terms of that love?

On the one hand we have only oneness, how then can consciousness exist, is it a part of this oneness, or not?

Originally it was not, and then God created within himself and allowed his love to move between his parts. This movement of love created an added on field which is consciousness.

This consciousness field acts as a type of mirror that all of oneness is reflected within to all parts of itself. You only see what you see from within. You see yourself as you are.

If your consciousness seems to be lesser developed than some it is because you are either blocking this incoming love, not giving it all back out, or you have distorted your own view of the mirror by putting on the dark glasses of negativity. You will then see the glass darkly so to speak rather than as it really is.

This consciousness field arises in a similar way as to how a magnetic field arises around electricity moving through a wire, or a conduit of itself.

Some more questions about consciousness answered

The Universal consciousness is a type of consciousness.

Is our consciousness just a part of this Universal field of consciousness?

Our consciousness itself can ask questions such as these, which can then link to the truth behind all questions, even behind consciousness, and so lead us back again to our true selves.

Consciousness serves us by providing a field, or a means, or a vehicle whereby we can be lead back to our real selves.

Consciousness has its own rules or laws that it follows, but the law of consciousness is not a fixed law like the law of karma. Consciousness grows from each soul loving.

The only law of consciousness existing is that consciousness connects the soul to other souls of similar consciousness and this helps them both to move along their own individual soul's journey in their own life.

Love always must come first.

As you increase in your ability to love this increases also your consciousness. Love then creates a higher vibration of consciousness to go along with you, right beside itself within you.

Consciousness serves love and consciousness is the servant of you too as soul.

Without love there is no consciousness, and without love there is no life.

Love created separation, and separation recreates love. Love only existed in theory or concept until it could apply itself in movement and flow towards its own children, or God's creation.

Universal consciousness is the fullness of God being allowed to float within himself from the voluminous rendition of allowing the freedom of separated space to be given to created soul within created time. Consciousness gives substance to God in his creation's eyes.

All consciousness arises from the movement of love amongst created souls, and from love returning back and forwards, to and from God.

Consciousness is continually arising from this movement of love, which creates a sort of field of Universal consciousness, of which we all can partake of.

Even more than this though, we can all start to create our own individual field of consciousness around our own self, and this field can then go freely back into increasing the overall field as well, but only as we freely allow this to happen.

In the end, consciousness returns into its own nothingness, as souls leave the lower worlds, and return to the higher worlds.

Consciousness cannot be taken with them. All that remains with soul are its learnings from its experiences of love and truth, and the wisdom so gained from this combination creating this higher truth or wisdom within them.

This means in essence that soul exists in space as consciousness, and in time as love, but in reality soul is not resident in the Universe at all, except for as it connects to these fields of itself, as it is moving inside the Universe using a vehicle for its soul to gain experience of God's truths from.


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2nd Jun 2014 (#)

interesting indeed..thank you

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thanks carolina,

some things that I write take more than one reading even for me to understand them LOL

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3rd Jun 2014 (#)

nice post Spirited

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thanks Fern, nice comment!

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