Is planning necessary in career development?

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Planning is an essential component of preparing the life to a desired level. If we determine that we have to achieve our definite aim in life , we have to prepare our life from the early days . Sporadic planning from the latter days can not serve the purpose. Better schooling is a must to prepare the ground for launching an ambitious career.


Planning does not make a complete sense if we are not committed to the principles of planning. First of all, we have to maintain good health throughout student days. We have to be guided by parental advice in every matters of school life, We have to develop full concentration of mind to the studies. We have to realize the reasons why we should be careful about the parental advice. We have to remain serious not only about studies but also about about othe daily activities of life. If we do not pay attention to the studies, we may not succeed in the annual examinations. We may not be promoted to the next higher class by the school. It's a failure and may dampen the spirit of studies. There is keen competition in the class. The bright young boys and girls are steady in their studies .They will not leave a space for failures. So the parental advice and the teachers' advice will guide you to winning path. We should not lose our heart to pursue the studies vigorously. Time will come when we shall be toppers. Everybody will appreciate this. It is mental motivation and parental encouragement that steer clears of the hurdles we face in the daily life. Thus we have to develop our self confidence so that we may win over all sorts of difficulties encountered in life. Planning makes us serious about career building in our life.. .

Role of planning in career building

The results of Higher Secondary Examinations pave the way for the definite line of ambition in life. The results of Joint Entrance Examination clears the line of Medical admission and admission in engineering stream. The results of Common Law Admission Test earmarks for the admission in law colleges and law institutes. Majority of the students take admission in general stream in the colleges. The college students should formulate planning so that they may reach the desired goal. Haphazard studies can not help the students to attain the desired goal . They have to be bit careful about obtaining their definite aim in life. Parental advice and parental control are also very much desirable in this phase. It should be kept in mind that this age is very competitive. In view of acute unemployment situation, the competitors are many and large , In spite of keen competition , we have to come out successful. It is very tough to reach the goal. It is the planning that makes the life easy. It is the planning that makes the tough competition easy. It is the planning that does not make the life tensed. Fruitful planning and its proper utilization makes the life smooth and easy going.


Planning has a definite role in the sphere of personal development. It is the planning that makes the life great. If there is no planning in life, he or she may reach nowhere. It is the planning that makes the life self confident. It is the planning that develops full maturity of mind. He understands what he deserves. He can accordingly sets the goal upon his career. Planning coupled with hard labor may achieve the desired success in life.


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author avatar brendamarie
13th Aug 2015 (#)

plans only work if one follows them, there maybe some changes along the way, though

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
14th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for good advice.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Now internet has thrown open the options available - there is no exclusive knowledge like when I was young. I had to depend on word of mouth and limited books. Now the best from all over the world are available on the net and the world is the oyster. So planning and career development are much easier.

Good take Pramal - siva

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouragement

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