Is there a difference between Fate and Destiny?

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Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.

Fate-intervening coincidences

Life is a path towards our Destiny, yet often we get distracted; that's when Fate steps in to help us. Sometimes we miss a road accident because we were late, or we meet someone by chance who changes our lives.

Fate is the series of events that appear ‘meant to be’, they push us onto the correct destiny path. It can be either a positive or negative experience. Sometimes a chance meeting turns in a great friendship or a relationship, or if you are going in the wrong direction, fate may throw subtle incidents in your way to push you in another direction. Coincidences always have a purpose, though at the time we may not know what those are.
We can change our fate through free will, a choice to go left instead or right results in a different path, yet if it is the wrong path, then fate will find a way for us to find the right path. Sometimes, they are not pleasant results involving loss or pain, but is a consequence of fate making sure we are on our way to our Destiny. Even if we keep resisting and ignoring fate, then the incidents will continue to repeat until one takes notice. A clear sign of what is right or wrong for you!


How do you know what is your destiny? are we just dreaming or being unrealistic?
When we attempt to plan and those plans keep keep getting knocked back and things become difficult, it may be a sign that is not your destined path.
Many of us do not know what our destiny or life purpose is and struggle to find something to aim for. There can be more than one destiny or life purpose, for example, you may be destined to become a teacher to help special needs children and change and influence many lives, but also you could be destined to be a daughter that teaches her parents life lessons in forgiveness and strength. There are goals to achieve on the physical plane
(here) and those in the spiritual plane, both interconnect in the end.

Understanding Fate and accepting Destiny

When you realize fate is intervening, see it as a sign or what to do or not to do. Either obstacles appear if it is not meant to be or the path is cleared if you are going in the right direction.
Knowing your destiny and accepting it are two different things; Some may know and hesitate to embrace it; those who accept it may not fully understand their destiny, but know that fate has a role in their destiny.

Our true destinies are only realized in hindsight, as we are actually living our destiny right now in the present!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Thought provoking. I like to understand my destiny but accept the fate - siva

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author avatar WOGIAM
23rd Jul 2014 (#)

I personally think there are differences between fate and destiny. Two complex realiites, but working if their own unique ways.

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