Is this world an Illusion?

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Some say this world is an illusion or a 3D Hologram of sorts. Is it really?

The World is a Stage - a Video game stage?

I’m sure you’ve heard about this world being an illusion a lot. The idea is that this physical world is an illusion and that the Spirit World and God/Divine is the real deal. In some ways, that has some level of truth. I think of the idea of playing a video game. You become a character in the game. The game has been already made for you a world and story to be in, as Spirit, all you have to do is follow what the games wants you to do and because you don’t know what the story is in the beginning, it becomes an adventure of sorts. Games also lately can allow you customize some characters to your liking and certain games allow you to make choices. Of course, there are more games, hence the idea of reincarnation. In this sense, our Spirit is wanting to go into this world to have an adventure and figure out what is going on and even certain games allow for choices to be made allowing for differences in experience in games. Games nowadays aren’t just about hero figures, but also anti-hero figures. Hence, we have those out there that are in the negative/shadow and wanting to play those parts. As Shakespeare wrote, “The World is a Stage” and in someways, that is true. We are playing parts and we are wanting to do so.

A Spirit Perspective and a creation in Karma

How did this start though? I’ve been working my way into this and my thoughts so far is that we got into creating this Universe and realized we could actually combine our energies and actually be aware in a new form. You see, Spirits can only see and experience energy. Here, this energy becomes something more symbolic and have an actual solid like form (even if they really aren’t actually solid). As we started having lives into this new realm, we created connections to others. Some connections were loving and caring, others destructive and brutal. This is where the idea of karma was created. We now are at stages where we are still creating karma but there are those out there that are trying to resolve it. Those that are trying to resolve it are doing so because they started realizing and being more aware of who they really are. Many Spirits get lost in this physical world just as much as gamers may get lost in a game of “Oblivion” or “Call of Duty” etc. Those that are more aware, see themselves as the gamers rather than in the game. There is nothing wrong with the idea of being in the game. It reinforces the idea of certain spiritual maturities of each Spirit. There is nothing wrong if one feels immature in this sense. Is there anything wrong with a 5 year old or a teenager compared to a middle-aged healthy person? No. It is part of the Spirit and their free will to grow the way they want to. The Spirit is where it is at for a reason and chose to be at that level at this time. This physical realm has created judgements and condemnations to those that seem “inferior” to ourselves or someone we look high upon. In the end, in Spirit, we know that it really doesn’t matter and that those that are more mature can see and help those who are not mature as of yet.

The Ascended Masters became ascended, not because they just got their bodies to go into heaven. They realized who they really are and just allowed it to go away (or possibly their Spirit added the energy of the physical body) and become part of the Spirit that was within. This Spirit is a highly powerful and Divine Source of ourselves that we tend to miss because we are looking outside of ourselves. We are constantly told how “inferior” we are to God and that we should only look to God for help. Of course, this makes me think of the story about the guy in a flood asking for God’s help. First came a big truck but he refused because he wanted God to help him. Second came a boat. He said the same thing. Lastly, came a helicopter. He said the same thing. The guy died and when he came to God, he asked why God didn’t help him. God said he did. He first brought the big truck, then the boat, and lastly the helicopter. The idea of this story is that God usually helps us by bringing others to help us. We are the actual power. I think there was a scriptural mistake saying that the “The Father does this, not I.” Why? Because the Father works within us (spiritual work) and we do the actual physical work. It is a mutual agreement that we made with our Spirits that we get the Divine guidance and power but we have to do the physical work in a physical form.

We created this

If you look all around you, you can see our physical work. Cities, towns, houses, the clothes we wear, to all our materialistic things that we see around here. Even my internet connection and you being able to use yours to read this, is man made. Yes, we are using nature to help us, but we are molding nature into the computer you are using before you. Are we the creators? I believe so. Creating your reality has not just been about yourself as of now, but of your Spirit wanting to create a particular reality around you before coming into physical being with your parents. Spirits talk to each other, no matter if you are in the physical world or not. The idea of bi-location, tri-location comes to mind (the Spirit being at two or three places at once). I do think that are Spirit is within and without and constantly in contact with others as you go about the day, week, month, etc. Maybe we should talk more to our Spirit and see what we can ask for to see what we can do for ourselves. Sure, you won’t automatically become rich or be able to be totally physically fit or have a superpower. But, synchronicity comes into play and people start playing their roles. We are fully connected Spirits and can help each other out because of such.

To end, just look at what we all create. Work on the idea that we may have been the ones that started it all and wanted to see what happens when we are part of it. Now, we are in a stage where we are wanting to be more in Spirit and more with the Source that helped start it all.

So, to answer the question if this physical reality is an illusion – I’d say yes and no. We actually thrive in the illusion and we’ve created this place and the karma within it and want to work and resolve karma while being in this place. It is the reason why we feel it is better to resolve karma here rather than in Spirit. It can reshape and resolve the energy of the conflict in the physical realm. So, even if this is another place and an illusion, we chose to work in this realm from the beginning.


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