It really does go without saying!

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Language isn't just what we read, write and say. A quick look into sign language and body language.

It really does go without saying!

When we think of language, we naturally think of words, of speaking, writing, reading and hearing these words. This is the norm, right? However, the language of the ways in which we move our bodies is not to be overlooked! I am referring to such language as body language, and also sign language (which goes without saying… literally).
The use of sign language goes back hundreds, maybe even thousands of years as a method of communication utilised mainly by deaf and mute people. Sign language involves the use of gestures and hand signs in order to symbolise words and letters and just like spoken languages, use grammar rules to help people get their point across to others.
What is important to remember is that there is not one general sign language that can be used wherever; there are many sign languages, just as there are many spoken languages. There are even many people who learn sign languages of other languages than their own in order to communicate with people from other countries and also for many of the other reasons that people learn foreign spoken languages.
Body language is another concept that is quite interesting, although it has completely different connotations. The use of body language, which can range from how a person stands or sits, to how a person uses everyday gestures such as hand shaking all the way to simple facial gestures as such as smiling and frowning, can vary greatly between situations. Body language, just like verbal communication can either compliment an interaction with another person, or cause offense.
So remember that language is so much more that when we say! In general terms, language is really just the way in which we communicate with each other in any way, regardless of how we choose to get our point across.


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