It's still a Bugg's world! I'm Just Glad the Dog lets Us In.

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We have already been through Bugg's morning routine, we are now carrying on with his afternoon play time. I also added a tip that I use for Bugg, while he goes through his teething stage.

Bugg wakes up.

Bugg has just awaken from his nap and it is 12:00 noon. When Bugg stretches and finally gets all the sleep out of his eyes, we go to his playground in the backyard. I allow Bugg to run around. While I sit on my bench, make phone calls and of course...

Watch Bugg.

Bugg rarely digs holes but, he did today. When Bugg does dig a hole, he digs with so much vigor, you just know there has to be some type of treasure at the bottom of that hole.

As far as I have seen, there is no treasure at the bottom of that hole.

Maybe Bugg thinks...

If I get dirty, then just maybe, my mama will play water with me again.

All I can say with Bugg is...

Who knows.

I know there is treasure in there, I just know!

I know Bugg is digging up my yard but, this is how I feel about it....

Having a dog is like having a teenager, You must pick and choose your battles.

I have learned with both, as long as you have taught them well from the start, you do not sweat the small stuff or you would go nuts by the time they're grown.

Some things are just not worth stressing on, Bugg digging a hole every now and then, is no biggie, so I allow him to just have fun.

When Bugg has dug up all two acres he gets to roam around in, then maybe I will say something but, until then...

I am not sweating.

No treasure, No Mr. Cat

Bugg just roams around his playground for a bit, him stopping every now in then to look for his friend, Mr. Cat.

Nope Mr. Cat is no where to be seen.

So Bugg and I go inside.

Bugg is also tired.

Digging for buried treasure is hard work.

Bugg loves his playpen

After I refill Bugg's ice bowl, he and I go out on the front porch. Maybe Bugg can visit with all the new friends he is starting to make.

We have chicken wire all around our front porch and it reminds me of a baby's playpen. So we call this Bugg's playpen.

Bugg also brought out two of his toys, Ziggy Piggy and his rope.

Bugg loves to carry his toys around. Bugg will not hurt his Ziggy piggy but, Bugg loves to chew on his rope.

Having a toy for your puppy to chew on, just might save some of your furniture and do not forget they are teething.

Also, even if you decide not to give your dog ice full time (As we do for Bugg), put some down for them to have during their teething stage.

The ice will dull the pain while they're teething.

Bugg spots a Friend

All of a sudden Bugg jumps up. Bugg looks out of his playpen to see if it is his friend, Mr. Cat.

No, it wasn't Mr. Cat, it was just that mean Mr. Squirrel.

The pesky one that throws pine cones at my Bugg.

Did you notice, I also make sure Bugg has a bowl of ice laid out for him.

It gets hot where Bugg lives, in Alabama.

Bugg chills

Since that was Mr. Squirrel and not his friend, Mr. Cat. Bugg decides to go lay down at the far end of his playpen. This way then, Mr. Squirrel will not be able to hit him with a pine cone.

Bugg also loves this view of his yard.

Yes, there are times Bugg will just lay around, not many but, Bugg does do it every now and then.

During these moments I just sit back and relax. I know it is only a matter of time before Bugg will be up and running, once again.

Mama, Snack time!

Well my relaxing moment is done and over with and yes, it was just for a moment.

Bugg gets up and walks to the door, he stops and looks at me to say "Mama, it is my snack time, thank you very much".

Bugg is not very patient at this time, he knows he has a treat coming.

Bugg is really getting impatient with his slow mama, just remember...

It's a Bugg's world.

We just take up space.

All Dogs scream for Ice Cream

When Bugg first came home with us as a small puppy. I would give Bugg his ice cream at night but, since Bugg tends to play so hard during the day time, I have decided to give him this cool snack during the middle of the day.

The yellow snail Bugg's paw is on, is his favorite toy. Mr. Snail is the first toy Bugg ever got. I have sewn it together so many times, I have lost count.

Bugg has never hurt his snail, he just carries it around. The times it has had to be mended, is from me washing it and it tears.

Bugg takes a nap

After Bugg eats his ice cream, it is time for Bugg and I to take our nap.

Puppies are like kids when it comes to playing, as long as they are not stopped, they will play until they drop and that is just not good for them. They need to recharge their battery.

I know this is Bugg's world and all but, not only does his battery need to be charged, so does mine.

I lay down on the guest bed, while Bugg plays on his bed.

Bugg grabs one of his toys and today, it is Ziggy Piggy.

Bugg plays with his toy for a few minutes and then decides he is thirsty. You know that 'Mama I'm thirsty' thing us parents went through with our children when they were told it was bedtime.

This is Bugg's version, his ice.

Bugg 'finally' falls asleep

I finally have to take the bowl of ice away, give him back his toy and then tell him, this is nap time.

I find puppies are like little kids, they are so afraid they will miss out on something if they close their eyes and so they will fight that sleep as long as they can.

So, you just have to take away any distractions, give them a toy, make them lay down and then they will eventually give in.

Will Bugg be back after his nap?

Sure he will because...

It's a Bugg's world.
It's Not the end of Bugg's world, it's Just the end of a Dog Day.

Please take a closer look at Bugg's world, with his series, In Bugg's world. It sure is a fun world to visit.

In Bugg's world... Santa is a Dog.
In Bugg's world... Snow will happen in Southern Alabama.
In Bugg's world... Sadly Dogs do have Allergies.
In Bugg's world... Dog Birthdays, will be celebrated!
In Bugg's world... Dogs will have Happy homes!

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I live in Georgia, USA. I am a granny to 3 precious children. I am Mama to Bugg and two human beings. I was once married to a wonderful, Dan.

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author avatar CC23
5th Oct 2010 (#)

i could say the writing and the photos are very congruent. nice post. =)

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author avatar mirage
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Hey Denise O,your Bugg is
vry funny.....I just lovd the
way he's lookin @ his
friends.....N the way he
with his toy next to him,
reminds me of my sis a few
years ago.....thnk u.....n do
include such pics of him in
your upcoming articles.......!!

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author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Hushi22.
The funny is...
These pictures were all shot in one day.
When Bugg turned 10 months old. Sept 24, this month.
I am just telling the story.
Thank you for your kind words.

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author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Rahmanali, Thank you for your kind words.
Heck, Bugg is just 10 months old, I am sure we can arrange
more pictures.
I am glad I brought back a good memory for you.:)

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

The funny thing is...*

I hate when I make typos. LOL

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author avatar Jerry Walch
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Keep 'em coming!

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author avatar Lucy Jones
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Wonderful post Denise and Bugg is delightful. He's going to let you in on so many good stories. Looking forward to reading about him.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Jerry and thank you for all your help.

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author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Lucy for your kind words.
I have to say, over the years, with the few dogs I did pick (the others came to us) from a litter,
I picked the right ones every time.
Bugg was one of 13 and he caught my eye from the start.
I find Bugg is no exception, he is a great one for sure but,
he does earn that name Buggah at times.:)

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author avatar Retired
5th Oct 2010 (#)

This so much reminds me of Dick and Jane. So simple and clear. Love it, nice style!

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author avatar krrymarie
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Lovely post, I may have to write something about my dog

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

See Denise Smile.
Thank you redneck lady.:)

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author avatar Denise O
5th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you krrymarie for your kind words.
You should write about your doggie,
I would love to read all about him/her.

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author avatar Pinkchic18
8th Oct 2010 (#)

So cute, I love that he has his own little bed :) You are a great mom to him!

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author avatar Denise O
8th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you pinkchic for your kind words.:)
He will soon have to share, as I will be getting another
puppy in a few weeks,
for my birthday.:)

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
17th Oct 2010 (#)

Very interesting...and photos are great!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
17th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Maria. :)

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