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What it means to be a Jamaican in Jamaica during the Olympics

The GrundNorm

Jamaicans take their sport, seriously. Very Seriously. When we qualified for the 1998 World Cup a National Holiday was declared. When the West Indies in involved in a Cricket Match, many things are delayed.

When Jamaica sends a team to the Olympics the entire country goes on Olympic Time, and nothing takes precedence.

Employers put Big Screen T.V.s in the Office, or else they wouldn't have any workers. Every public place, from a Rum Bar to a Night Club has a screen available.

The Government puts up screens in Town Squares.

The Olympics is IMPORTANT.

During the period of competition there is virtually no crime.

People wear the Colours; and if you have to wear a uniform, from a Barrister's robes to hospital scrubs, you wear them under your uniform.

Outside of one grump, (who shall go nameless) everyone is behind the team.


This year was different. The Superstar was Usain Bolt. Everyone wanted to see Bolt. Even other athletes wanted to see him.

When he walked into the Cafeteria at the Olympic village the first time everyone stopped; all the other stars stopped, because this was Usain Bolt.

He had been recently beaten by his training partner and friend, Yohan Blake in the Jamaican Trials, both at 100 and 200 meters. And Asafa Powell was always somewhat of a threat.

We had others on the team, those who had already won Gold and Silver and Bronze, but it Bolt who was the pivot.


He was born and raised in the Parish of Trelawney and went to a very minor school where he did a lot of sports and when he went to William Knibb High School he went out for Cricket and Football as well as Track.

His talent was seen early and he was streamed into Track and Field, first as a 400 meter runner.

Jamaica takes its Sports very seriously.

Boys & Girls Champs

Every year all the High Schools and some Tertiary Institutions enter the meets with their group. Every year it is a virtual Track & Field Olympiad.

This is because running doesn't take that much gear and we have always been runners. Our Olympic team is made up of people who competed in those Meets, which is why one will often hear the name of the High School the Champion attended, because that is where they first came to notice.

Making it Look Easy

Usain has a wicked sense of humour, doesn't take anything seriously, and plays practical jokes on anyone he can. He took that humour to Beijing, although it was much in evidence previously.

Unlike the others who glared into the camera or made a tight upraising of arms when their names were called, Usain mugged and joked.

He was as relaxed on the field as he'd be sitting on the beach, unlike the others who were so tense they looked as they would snap.

He took World Records at Beijing, but his main contribution was to inject that easy style into a competition which has been copied by many other athletes.

On Your Mark

When our athletes are on the field everything stops. Traffic comes to a halt, because everyone is somewhere watching the competition. It is dead silent. As the gun goes so does the noise, building to a crescendo.

And when we cross the line first (or even second or third) there is a virtual explosion and the euphoria continues for many hours.

When Asafa pulled up in the 100, it was 1,2....Bolt and Blake getting gold and Silver.

In the 200, Warren Weir, someone no one had heard of, took the third spot.

As the race began not a single car moved, not a sound was heard except cheering and when it was 1,2, 3, that became the new greeting.

People were so ecstatic there was constant beeping of horns and excitement way into the night.

Then came the Relay.

Yes, Jamaica has other athletes; there was our only swimmer who came 4th, and we had a rider in the Equestrian Event, and our girls got silver and bronze. But no one has caught the imagination like Usain Bolt,

It is mooted that there will be an enormous Party at the return of the Athletes and a Holiday.

Everyone is still wearing their colours and waving their flags.

(Except One Grump, who shall remain nameless).


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Aug 2012 (#)

Congratulations Jamaica, and to all the countries and athletes! I am watching the closing ceremonies now, really the Olympics is the only time I watch sports on tv.

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author avatar kaylar
13th Aug 2012 (#)

One of our TVStations became All Olympics all the time. They started coverage at about 5am and ran every event

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Aug 2012 (#)

What passion! Usain has caught the imagination the world over. In my childhood, I heard of Jamaica through cricket - siva

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author avatar Retired
13th Aug 2012 (#)

Bolt was fantastic! nice article thank you!

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author avatar kaylar
13th Aug 2012 (#)

of course you know of Cricket, Siva. We aren't doing good, but not that bad.
Thanks Adam

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
13th Aug 2012 (#)

Bolt bolted his way to become a legend. He is the crowned king of the track at least for the next four years. I must appreciate that a small island state like Jamaica can produce so many medal winning athletes. Great..

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author avatar kaylar
13th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you.

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author avatar kaylar
15th Aug 2012 (#)

WE tend to focus on Track and Field; so every child boy and girl takes part in the various meets.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
14th Aug 2012 (#)

A wonderful page, kaylar. Great information and pictures. Thank you.

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author avatar kaylar
15th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you Ivy

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