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Those who know the least often make up the most noise

Civil War Served Cold

Even before Independence Jamaica was divided into two camps; the People's National Party, led by Norman Manley, and the Jamaica Labour Party, led by Alexander Bustamante.

Although they were related, the fact of the 'Two Jamaicas' is never so evident as when one descends to the lumpen, for the lumpen are willing to fight, kill and die in support of their leader.

Since 1962 every five years (or so) a blood bath called a 'Free and Fair' election occurs.

One set of lumpen war with the other set of lumpen over scarce benefits. For those at the bottom it is really a matter of life and death who sits in Gordon House.

Those at the top know a different reality than those who get their information sorted, packaged and carefully presented.

The Electorate

Political Parties are living entities which fight to survive.

They depend on the lumpen to vote for them. They may have 'area' or 'group' leaders to rally the troops, but each hopeful Member of Parliament has an army of sheep willing to vote for them.

Both Parties have their respective barn yards of about 250k die-hards. These are people whose political affiliation takes priority over all other designations.

The largest segment of the public, however, is made up of loud mouthed Veranda Sitters.

These people have opinions which they share at all times. They do not wear tee shirts,
attend rallies or are known to the political party they support.

Where lumpen will go to a conference, speak to a politician, hear their party leader and other dignitaries, the Veranda Sitter can't be bothered. However, his or her mouth is on overtime, spewing invective at the other party about what they don't know.

Veranda Sitters may dial a phone to bleat on a call in program, but be unable to vote because it is raining, or they don't have a car, or they had to visit a sick relative, or they haven't bothered to enumerate.

The fact they do nothing for their Party and know nothing about it is slapped away as a mosquito.

Veranda Sitters sometimes claim they are neutral yet are more pro a party then the die hard.

Neutrality exists only among the upper classes who have to cultivate the good feelings of both sides to insure benefits.

The smallest segment of the population are the actual members of the Parties, those who run for office, who sit on executives, and who actually know what is happening internally in their party and in the other party.

Behind Closed Doors

An incident happens, those who sit behind closed doors know exactly what it is, and need to form some sort of public support for what they intend to do.

They will leave the meeting with 'No Comment' and allow the media and the Veranda Sitters to start the spin.

The 'Official' word will come after.

The 'Official' word and the truth may not be in the same phylum, but will get the
Party over until such time as another 'Official' word is demanded.


When the United States requested the extradition of Chris 'Dudus' Coke, the Jamaica Labour Party,which has always been in a symbiotic relationship with him (and his father before him) was in a quandary.

On one hand, the JLP, which was in power, did not feel comfortable giving away one of their staunch supporters. .

As is Bruce Golding's personal style, he suppressed the request but instantly hired American lobbyists to fight it.

The demand for the Extradition of Coke was leaked to the media which ran with it, putting Bruce on the backfoot and causing him to lie; claiming it was being
'examined' by the Attorney General's Department.

Golding continued to lie to the public from August until March, assisted ably by Veranda Sitters who supplied him with all sorts of reasons why he could not/should not extradite Dudus.

When the PNP mentioned the Lobby firm, Bruce, as usual, lied.

The Veranda Sitters babbled loudly claiming the PNP was making it up, that Bruce would not have hired such a firm, and that if Bruce said he didn't know about it, he didn't know about it.

As time passed and the information as to the Jamaican Government's hiring of a Law Firm to Lobby to avoid having to extradite Dudus was posted on the Internet, available to anyone who knew how to do a search, (of course many Veranda Sitters didn't), Bruce changed his mouth and claimed he wasn't going to extradite Dudus because of 'illegal' evidence.

The Veranda Sitters barked loudly about how America is using 'illegal' evidence, and how Bruce was right to turn down the request.

When America, recognising it was dealing with a Narco State decided to cancel VISAs for important business people who are aligned with the JLP, the pressure on Bruce began to tell.

He made an apology speech about how the Lobbyists were hired by the JLP not by the Government on behalf of Dudus.

He spoke about waiting for new grounds for extradition.

The Veranda Sitters had a lot of meat to chew. A few recognising they had been duped, and had made fools of themselves, fell silent. Others did enough yammering for two or three.

When Bruce came on television to say that Dudus would be extradited, one assumed the Veranda Sitters who had spent months blathering foolishness about 'grounds' for extradition and 'illegal' evidence, and supplied all sorts of hastily composed explanations, would realise they had been played.

Would have the capacity to remember what they believed last week, what they said,
the week before, and what they were being told today.

Further, a few might appreciate that Bruce had given Dudus more than ample time to set his business in order as he held over Three Hundred Million Dollars in Government contracts.

A few might realise that Bruce and Dudus were very closely aligned.

Golding, to prove he was not part of the Narco-Trafficking, turned against his own Constituency, sending in battalions of soldiers and police.

Spin and Spin

The Veranda Sitters, having been lied to, having repeated these lies, having to change their mouth in mid-word to adopt to Bruce's new versions, watched the murders in Tivoli, claiming that there were criminals in Bruce's constituency which
had to be removed.

These 'criminals' had lived in Tivoli all their lives.
These criminals had voted for Bruce.
But because the new spin is that there are criminals who held the community to ransom, the Veranda Sitters bleat.

The lies Bruce has told, the questionable contracts, begin to bubble to the surface, clearly the Contractor General will have to be replaced. How to spin that...?

Leave it to the Veranda Sitters.


The world sees the simple facts; Golding presided over the largest criminal organisation in Jamaica.

Bruce's associate, Chris Coke was wanted as the leader of the Shower Posse, and Bruce did everything in his power to prevent the extradition until such time as it was Bruce's own rump being held to the fire.

Forced to extradite Coke, Bruce turned on his own community so people would be more concerned about living for the next five minutes than whether or not Dudus
was going to America.

After two weeks of violence, murders, lies, tricks, and other deceptions, the passion about Dudus has changed.

He is no longer the symbol of freedom and Jamaica's autonomy. He is no longer the poster boy for Law and Justice, he is now a fugitive, a criminal.

And the Veranda Sitters who in April chanted; "We are at War with EastAsia we have always been at War with Eastasia", now chant "We are at war with Eurasia we have always been at war with Eurasia."

But what can one expect from Sheep?


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