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Upon a little search on the internet you will realize that Java is picked as the programming language by a great number of programmers.

Why Java Is Picked By So Many Programmers Over Other Programming Languages

Upon a little search on the internet you will realize that Java is picked as the programming language by a great number of programmers. They have several languages to choose from but most of them pick Java. A lot of factors contribute to this practice from programmers. Such common use of Java for programming makes it one of the most renowned and used programming languages among hundreds of other. While you could write a book on why Java remains one of the top picks for programmers, here are some of the biggest reasons why.

For A Lucrative Career

Java programming can prove to be a great career choice for many. If you look into the latest job postings, you will come across several job vacancies for Java programmers. They are needed by big companies and software houses. One of the reasons why there is such a big need for Java programmers is the diversity that lies within the applications that can be created with Java. From network-based applications to applets for browsers, Java is everywhere. Not to mention, Android is also mainly based on Java. You could even create your own applications for smartphones once you are good at programming with it. If you have experience with Java, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

The Ease Of Programming

Ease of programming with Java is one thing that most Java programmers love about it. Java programmers are mostly pretty satisfied with what they are doing. They know they are programming with one of the most powerful programming languages out there. There is nothing in programming that can’t be achieved with Java. The syntax is much easier than most other renowned programming languages. The best comparison you can make to know how easy Java’s syntax is between Java and C++. Java is object-oriented and this makes Java even easier. Due to more intuitive syntax of Java, it is easier for new programmers to start learning the language. With other languages, the learning curve is pretty flat as it takes time to digest the complex syntax the newbies have to work with.

Ease Of Implementation

Java is also known for being easy when it comes to implementation. Java works on the WORA basis which stands for Write Once Run Anywhere. With this particular ideology, Java makes it extremely easy to use its programs over various platforms. JRE, Java runtime environment, is a program that can be run on any operating system to make Java programs work. At the core of it all is Java virtual machine that makes it possible for Java programs to be executed on various platforms. Even if you are creating an application that is to be specifically used for a particular operating system, you can bundle libraries with the application that will allow it to run on other operating systems. How this helps the programmers is by letting them do the coding only once rather than writing separately for different operating systems.


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