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After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.

What is Jazz?

Well, I don't think I need to explain any further but for the benefit of some of you who would like to know more, Jazz is a music genre which has roots that we can trace all the way back to the 20th Century, in the Southern United States. It is combined by Africans-Americans of a particular European harmony and form elements. Since it's early incorporation, the genre has been developed and branched out many variations. It includes bebop of the mid 1940s to West Coast jazz, ska jazz, cool jazz, fusion jazz, modal jazz, jazz rap, smooth jazz and many other more.

Why listen to Jazz?

Here's my question, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'jazz'? Well, there's no perfect or correct answer to that, it depends from individual to individual but for me, the word has a laid-back feeling to it. Perhaps it's just the way it is but, jazz music has been my favorite ever since I was in high school. I wasn't into pop unlike my peers. It basically accompanies me 365 days all year round. I just cannot get bored of it. The music relaxes the mind, body and soul, it was just smooth. Listening to it just makes a hard day seem so slack. I had the music turned on when I took forty winks and sometimes when I sleep at night, especially with the air-conditioner switched on. Does that tempt you enough? *Smiles*

Benefits of listening to jazz

The big deal is that, music was proven to be beneficial and helps with the recovery of people who are in the process of healing. Jazz, involves syncopated rhythms together with the assistance of instruments like piano, saxophone, violin, guitar, flute etc.

One example is, jazz benefits patients with heart problems too. A study that was performed on heart patients found that jazz helped the patients reduce their blood pressure and also assists in regulating the heartbeat of the patients.

If you are suffering from a headache or migraine, my advice is to listen to some smooth jazz. Somehow, the way the music plays out helps to sooth the brain and calms it down, thereby reducing any migraine attacks or better still, stops it completely.

Imagine you sitting alone in the office, with tons of files and documents waiting for you to be signed, those pending completion, seeing all of this gets you all stressed up, even a cup of tea does not help. As if these wasn't enough, suddenly you feel a sudden surge of air up into your brain and feel the tension, there comes your headache. Now if I were you, I will turn on my playlist of 800 plus instrumental smooth jazz and let it play in the background. You just have to do your work and go along with the flow of the music. 'TA-DAA!', in a blink of an eye, you have finished your work. Look back at your playlist, 50 songs have played. That's how amazing and sometimes, sensual it is.

Are you making that up?

No, of course not! I am not selling a product or helping any company advertise jazz or helping my friend promoting his latest music album. It's just from the bottom of my heart that I feel that jazz is just some kind of, you know, inspirational music that helps to sooth the mind and body, especially helpful for busy people, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. As I have said before, I listen to jazz all year round, while doing work, while helping out with the dreaded housework, and even while playing computer games. In the next section, I will talk more on two of my most favorite sub genres of jazz---Smooth Jazz and Vocal Smooth Jazz.

Smooth Jazz, Vocal Smooth Jazz

In case you do not know, there is a multi-channel internet radio service known as Sky FM. Over there, you can browse through a lot of genres of music channels including smooth jazz, mellow jazz, pop, love music etc. As for me and you would have already known, I tune in to Sky FM Smooth Jazz. Once there, you will be accompanied by channel director, Jimi King. For 24 hours non-stop, he will play you the world's smoothest jazz by all the great jazz musicians mostly from the UK. You can choose 'Vocal Smooth Jazz' by the drop down menu too but for me, I prefer his Smooth Jazz station.

For Smooth Jazz, we hear music by the great Peter White, who is my favorite jazz guitarist too. He plays quite a lot of the classic love music, in the jazz sector of course. He is more of the smooth jazz and jazz fusion guitarist. His style of play adds a touch of lightness to the music and is nostalgic once in a while. Not just Peter White's music, there are others like Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson as well.

As for Vocal Smooth Jazz, we hear players like Vanessa Williams, Sade, Jeffery Osborne, Jessy J etc. This is for people who would prefer to hear more lyrical music instead of just music alone. I wouldn't advertise, do go and explore the channel!

My favorite list

Lastly, let me just introduce to a few of my favorite jazz pieces by my beloved artists, hope it will sooth your mind!

1) Always Forever --- Peter White
2) Caravan of Dreams --- Peter White
3) Inseparable --- Kim Waters
4) Sneak a Peek --- Euge Groove
5) Rhythm and Romance --- Kenny G
6) The Girl From Ipanema --- Brian Simpson
7) Try a Little Tenderness --- David Sanborn
8) Uptown Groovin' --- Soundscape UK
9) Shelly Beach --- Igor
10) Slow Dance --- Ken Navarro



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