July Prediction For Nigeria

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A quick look at the "psychic weather" for Nigeria in July.


Good to see you back again, ladies and gentlemen!

I know, I’m probably being silly by posting my forecasts of the old psychic weather for July before June is even halfway done. But really, what’s the point of a prediction unless it’s put out early enough to be of some use? So here I am, posting another increasingly useful experiment (provided the right people find it, at any rate.) Yes, I am still using the word “experiment” to describe these little posts, mostly because there’s no such thing as flawless knowledge when it comes to the various methods I employ, only exceptional interpretations of the ridiculously complex series of events known as the future.

At any rate, here is the general trend for the nation of Nigeria for July, 2015.

The Forecast For Nigeria

The month of July promises to be rather interesting for the nation of Nigeria! A streak of individuality is starting to really show itself within the nation as Nigeria has begun to come into its own. This month will show it even more, especially for those who would be considered “doers” instead of “talkers.” I’m getting a weird feeling that it will be a fine month for those in the nation with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Self-discipline will really pay off in July for the country, and this combined with careful management of resources can equal nothing but success. I also see a strong trend toward self-reliance coming to the fore, as though the nation will collectively find an inner-strength that it has known to exist all along, but grasped for in seeming vain. This month will be the month in which Nigeria’s combined grasp will touch what it has sought for. Whether or not it will be grasped is entirely up to her citizens.

I will close on this; I have the most peculiar feeling that a Leo will have a great deal of significance for the nation of Nigeria this July. I’m not sure why I get this feeling, but it is a strangely insistent, nagging hunch that will not go away. I also feel like the person in question will be male, or at least has a distinctly assertive energy traditionally associated with masculinity. Beyond that I cannot say.

I’ll end it with this final thought. In the words of Ben Parker from the Spiderman series “with great power comes great responsibility.” This feels like it applies to the nation (or those within it) now more than ever.


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