KAREDOK, Indonesian Salad

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Karedok is a kind of Indonesia Salad as gado-gado, but the difference Karedok use uncooked vegetables

About Karedok

Karedok is a typical food Java, West Java precisely. This dish is very unique because of all the vegetables in a fresh state, without going through the process of cooking so that the nutrients and fiber is very dense. Indonesia's salad Karedok that all raw vegetables. There are versions Karedok Betawi (aka Jakarta) and Sunda. The difference in flavor. If coming from Betawi, similar to gado-gado peanut sauce. If coming from West Java, do not use beans, but use mashed oncom .

The Recipe

Karedok very easy to make. However, because the vegetables are not cooked prior to use, it must be washed thoroughly.

(Source: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Cookbook:Karedok)


bean sprouts
cabbage, sliced very thin, and delicately
Thai basil leaf


red pepper
birds' eye chilli
greater galingale
brackish water
palm sugar
shrimp paste (terasi/belacan)
hot water
oncom (fermented peanuts cake)

How to cook

Pound the red peppers, garlic, birds' eye chilli, greater galingale, peanuts, palm sugar, salt, and the shrimp paste.
Add brackish water and hot water. Mix evenly.
Put all the other ingredients in. Mix until even.
Spread fried shrimp chips on top of it.


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