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The Search

All though I was devastated when I had lose my former cat of nine years, another rescued all black soon to be feral kitten, Smelly when I trapped him and his litter mates, one by one I fostered each unwanted kitten until they were tame enough to be find homes and be adopted. Smelly was a great cat but very afraid of the horses and race track where I worked and that is how Smelly came to be lost even after an intensive search that went on for a month or so to no avail, by the way I conducted this search on the back of a horse day and night but Smelly had vanished.
Now a new search ensued as I plundered animal shelters for that special needy kitten that deserved a loving forever home. Cat after cat I looked at, some really beautiful and others well just cats. Finally I thought I had settled on another all black cat, the reason I prefer black cats is because they are usually the last to be adopted and the first to be put to sleep unfortunately so I had to return the next day to pick up the cat after what seemed an eternity I arrived back at the shelter for my new cat but when I returned there was a long line and so I put my pet carrier on line and once again went back to view the cats but this time there was a new tiny orphan all alone in this big cage that wouldn't stop mewing in its tiny but loud persistent pathetic crying but there was one draw back this tiny kitten wasn't available for adoption because it was so little they were probable going to put it to sleep but that did not deter me since I had bred and raise ragdolls cats for several years and knew exactly how to raise young kittens.
So I found myself alone in the cat ward and opened his cage and this little hobo jumped into my arms and that was it I had found my new cat, Kiddy and since he wasn't for adoption I had to take drastic measures.

The Catnapping Caper

We all have heard of kidnapping but catnapping, I was desperate so when the time was right I reopened his cage and scooped up my future companion and tucked this tiny noisy orphan under my sweat shirt and just hoped nobody saw me or heard him and well we made a clean break for it to the parking lot and into the my car, now the only thing left was to recover my cat carrier and we where out of there, that was easy part. We got back to my RV and I fed the little guy and put his food near the litter box so my new friend figured everything out but of course being such a baby the litter box was a big deal, he went in it okay to do his business but covering it up we had a few smelly accidents due to lack of experience. After a poop little Kiddy would often step in it and then all the kitty litter stuck to his now messy sticky foot but as soon as he was done Kiddy made a bee line to my bed which he had to climb up because he was still to little to just to jump that high and Kiddy ran lovingly up my chest with all that stinky mess still on his feet, it was awful to say the least but he grew and learned but of course it took awhile for him to get the hang of it !

Dockweiler RV Park

Now I was still working at Hollywood Park at the time but for a change of pace their was this RV park straight down Imperial Avenue not far from LAX, the airport and just a few miles from the racetrack so I would occasionally go to the beach for a few days and always on Christmas, it was so beautiful there on Christmas with the airplanes flying right over our heads. It was really reasonable back in those days, dry camping was only 12$ a night a real bargain since it was the park, the beach and bike path and the Pacific where I sat so many afternoons just watching the beautiful sunsets. Well little Kiddy was feeling his oats and got carried away with himself and I got mad at him and threw him out the door but you could not believe how he made a bee line to get back into the only home his young little self ever knew, he certainly straighten up after that episode, finally problems developed at the racetrack so I had had enough so I moved camper and car into a parking lot where there was a building that was under construction near the beach and the park and began to wait the rest of the winter out before I embarked on yet another adventure which consisted of a cross country journey across America in my camper back to my home state of New Jersey. Kiddy becoming a pro at the RV life style would wait near the motor home until I returned from shopping and then walk towards me and then accompany me pack to the RV for his breakfast, he was so cute sitting there waiting for me, he loved me so much and I him even though at times he tried my patience but well that's what cats do.

My New Best Friend

Well as it turned out Kiddy became the most grateful cat I ever raised , adopted or even rescued. We were inseparable from the beginning, at first Kiddy insisted on sleeping on the middle of my chest making sleeping difficult but eventually he got with the program and soon snuggled up besides me at night and that's the way we stayed, Kiddy followed me everywhere and it wasn't long before he learned to walk on a leash as good as any dog and go for walks where ever we went, he was very alert too and if something suspicious was going on he would look between the blinds and would even growl which never failed to crack me up, at times he made me laugh so hard I thought I'd die laughing, If I placed a piece of tape on his head oh my God he froze up as if he was paralyzed, or if I put tape on his back he would drag his body around the motor home as if his back was broken, it was the funniest thing I ever saw, I still laugh thinking about it ! I just loved him so much !

Travel America, Kiddy Style

Our target date was going to be March 15, The Ides of March, 2007 and we were off, Kiddy had grown up but was always a finicky eater always remaining slender but he eventually developed a muscular frame, not like the usual couch potato cat that just lays around all day, no Kiddy was my constant companion, He had life in the RV down pat, I mean Kiddy owned my first motorhome often climbing threw the driver's window onto the hood of the camper, he also climbed trees and I would be startled when he began jumping from the tree on to roof and I heard a thud when we parked under trees for shade when it was hot. As we travel along the I-10 east and finally relieved to be out of the state of California and into the very hot state of Arizona where we camped at a place called Agate where they have a gem and mineral show yearly. We didn't stay long because it was so hot already and it was only late March but our next state was breathtaking, New Mexico and I especially like Las Cruces and we stopped at this award winning rest area for the night and the sunset on those red mountains across the valley below was so breathtaking and the stars were not to be believed, so brilliant in the night sky, it was also the first time I ever saw the famed Milky Way, so many constellations I wished I knew more about astronomy. As our journey continued we started heading north once we went threw Texas and drove toward Dalles, Kiddy just loved road trips and had the whole motor home thing down cold as soon as he saw me moving things around and closing the windows he assumed his traveling position which was under the chair behind the passenger sit and that where he stayed until we came to a stop and then he would pop right back out to see where we were now, this went on for three thousand miles and took us about two weeks to complete our journey to New Jersey. I even took Kiddy to the Atlantic Ocean and since I bathed him water never bothered him like most cats, he even followed me along the beach in Georgia, he was amazing for a cat, I never had such a brave cat.

Ocala, Florida

Kiddy just loved Florida with its dense vegetation and we used to go to this small lush park that had this cool sinkhole in it and a stray black and white feral cat that Kiddy became best friends with two winters in a row, I called him Sylvester and each morning I would drive in and yell Kiddy and the feral cat would come galloping threw the woods , hey I'm a kiddy, Sylvester thought his name was Kiddy too, I always left Kiddy's left over food for him but he never let me pet him but he did start hanging out with us while we were there and every morning me and Kiddy took a walk threw this little park to gather fire wood for the breakfast and espresso I would make on the barbeques they had scattered around this quaint park, after awhile I would call Kiddy to go on our morning walks but the feral cat got curious where Kiddy was going and finally he couldn't resist so he to joined us every morning as we walked threw the heavily dew soaked paths around the park looking for lingering animals that hadn't hidden from the humans that would soon invade their night time homes, we saw and hunted snakes, black racers that are well really fast, an armadillo that was looking for a hide away for the day, a pair of mating owls that I knew where their next sight was up in a tall palm tree and many other animals we hunted together but never killing.
The migrating birds that lived or just past threw this part of the country were very interesting too, like Ibis, the Carolina Wren, Waxwings and you know I never knew that Cardinals sang as sweetly as any canary, hawks, and the curious Oven bird I was able to observe in the wild was all very interesting, it was a very happy time for me and Kiddy. Even Sylvester finally would come running as I called for Kiddy to go for our morning walks, I'm A kiddy too, he thought his name was Kiddy I guess, I took photos of them together on my phone but unfortunately they were lost when the phone broke, they were so cute walking threw the tall grasses and all you could see were two black tails sticking up moving threw the tall grass behind me. I was very happy then and so was my Kiddy.

The Calling

Everything was alright but working on the east coast was dead for me after I broke my spine and had to sue my greedy ex-employer for workman's comp and there was no place for me to go at my age and weight so I decided to go back to California even though I dreaded going back there it was the only place where I was well known and would be able to go back to work as a pony girl so I came up with a plan and met John Sadler at the two year old sale in Ocala and asked him for a job at the summer meet at Del Mar that year, 2010 and true to his word John gave me the first horse I ponyed in two years, the longest absence for the horses since I started riding in my teens and now I was turning 55 years old but it all came back to me swiftly and I whipped myself into shape, borrowed a pony, actually several lame, neglected or uncontrollable horses other pony boys couldn't manage but of course if I do say so myself I was always well above the average rider and horseman for that matter and so those bad ponies worked well for me plus I never trusted the security and others on the backside to buy my own horse and as it were it was a good thing since jealous people were always lying or causing me difficulty's on the backside. It is a very corrupt place to work and no union to protect the riders or pony people.

Tragity Strikes

Things had been going ok basically and I had a place to park my RV not far from the track and one night on very hot evening all the doors and windows open but it was still stifling Kiddy had a kitty door to go in and out of so one evening while I slept he went out and followed some feral cats across the street where some kindly neighbor set food out for them and of course Kiddy made the mistake and crossed the street to get some food, why I don't know he always had his own food available 24/7 but on his way back some sadistic moron hit him with their car for kicks breaking his fragile pelvis in three places, Kiddy still managed to drag himself into the motor home covered in poop from the impact and still managed to drag himself down the motor home where he also vomited until he reached the bottom of my bed before he finally let out a weak meow but I heard it and was up in a flash to find my beloved crippled. I scooped him up and carried him into the house waking every one.
I went to work that fateful morning and flew threw my chores and rushed back to my critically injured cat and scooped him up and off to the worst but closest veterinary clinic, the VCA of America, the world's worst and after x-rays determined Kiddy sustained a triple fracture of his left pelvis, if that wasn't bad enough they put on a pain patch constipating him and with a broken pelvis made it impossible for him to defecate which would now turn into a death sentence. Also the inadequate VCA clinic failed to mention the possibility of developing septic shock that often occurs when cats are hit by cars , there are symptoms but of course they failed to alert me of this condition so as I tried in vain to save his life Kiddy was now doomed and his final days were horrible.

July 27 thru August 3, 2011

The hardest days of my life were spent trying to save my beloved Kiddy who was deteriorating by the hour as I tried in vain to save the life of a most beloved pet, I sat with his food and water with an eye dropper and he became so weak he just peed on himself to weak to try to go to his box , I tenderly washed away the urine but I was losing him and his final night the cries of agony still stab me in the heart as I shared his agony, finally the next morning I brought him back to that dump, the VCA clinic and they looked at his gums, one of the symptoms of septic shock they failed to alert me of, they never even gave me a chance to save his life, I never even heard of septic shock until I went to another clinic to have a new female spay and they told me about septic shock and I looked it up on the internet and found out it is a common cause of death when cats are hit by cars.

Our Final Road Trip

When I went back to the vets and they confirmed what I already knew, the kindest thing I could do for my loving pet Kiddy was to end his suffering and as that bitch vet slipped the syringe into Kiddy's vein filled with the heart stopping euthanasia as I watched her and then turned my attention to my cat and of course that was when she began pressing the plunger on the needle that would end my darling Kiddy's life but before his heart stopped he lifted his head with all the strength he had left towards my face, at least I was the last thing Kiddy ever saw before his life ended.
The next day I whipped out my motor home and went back to the clinic to collect Kiddy's frozen remains and together we embarked on one last road trip, not any hole in the ground would be suitable for my precious Kiddy, no I drove him far away to a beautiful location not far from Santa Barbara, Lake Cachuma where I found a lovely place to bury my beloved cat, there I dug a hole and wrapped my cat up and prepared him for his funeral, yes Kiddy had a funeral, he went out in style, the cat that gave me so much love and even tried to protect me from some stupid girl I was fighting with but Kiddy did not flea, no instead he hunkered down beside me and as we argued Kiddy began this low growl that grew louder and she switched her attention from me to my devoted cat until the great Kiddy rolled his head and bared his teeth and hissed at her in my defense, I never loved him more !


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