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... your worst is clue to your best ... KNOW your WEAKNESS to UNRAVEL your STRENGTH - CONSCIOUSLY

I do not know much, but I am willing to learn. Consciously.

Conscious living helps transcend one of life's greatest mysteries - know what we are destined to do, how to go about it, and be happy.

Here is how I unravel mine.

In the beginning: " Ye live as a person, as me ". Breathe. It is what I call, the ceremonial science of experiences- to learn, to train, to be or not to be. Sometimes you are the question, sometimes you are the answer. Few times, I was a by-product of helping hands of good people who care for me, and not care for me. Few times, I ask the questions and give answers. This stage is where I meet initiations, chances and decisions . It is where I assesss my degrees of weakness and strength.

Note: I pass above stage alive to proceed to the next quest to happiness.
How? I learn and realize that I am myself - not any other being, not my idol, not my favorite thing, not not me.

Acknowledging Blind and Mute: This stage is what I call: " Ye hear and hear not " and " Ye see but see not." CHEW. Here, I acknowledge what I do not know, what I am slow at, what I find difficult, what I fear, what I am weak at - What I am bad at.

How to pass above level? As Is.

The Revelation: The passage to true happiness has no clear cut paths. One way to it is: review your life in every breathe and chews you make. Then update your weaknesses with whatever best you can do. This stage is what I call: " Ye know cos Ye hear and see ". Now, I live. Happiness!

Knowledge of how to consciously grasp happiness in bits of time, is a gift. Do your tasks in life however best way you can, consciously. And said gift will rise.

NOTE: Others will say: What about the lucky 'unconscious' ones who seem to be gifted? WELL, can you see their meaning and role in the on-going world-drama of creation? This type normally meets 'confusion' and 'emptiness'. Ergo, they are the ones, who I call: Precious Essence whose Meanings are Lost and Must be Revived at Will as soon as possible...for in them is built the temple of lost happiness...and they must be 'conscious'...


Consciously, Know Your Strength, Know Your Weakness, Strength, Weakness

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Happiness! I am one of God's beautiful creations- lady@40s. Journalism Grad. UPDiliman, Ph. I write little concepts: simple leadership, influencers & speech. Enjoy life's Realities and Happiness!

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author avatar Funom Makama
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

A fantastic share.... Nice work friend!

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author avatar Gemma Linas Buquiran
24th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you for liking Funom, nice to meet people @wiki

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