Kamma & Rebirths

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This is a Buddhist view on how a person moves from one life to the next life.

Kamma & Rebirths

How does energy go from one body to the next body? Now we need to think of the radio waves, which are not words or music, but energy at different frequencies, which when transmitted, move through space and will be attracted or picked up by the receiver from where they are broadcasted as words or music. At death, mental energy move through space, and is attracted to and picked up by the fertilized egg. As the embryo grows, it broadcasts itself as the new person, which is neither the same nor different from that person who died before.
The radio waves only become a message when they come in contact with a new, material structure: the receiver. So does it matter if you fail to attain Nibbana during this life? You will have the chance to trying again during the next life.

A dying person may see a Kamma action which he had performed in the course of his past life. He may recollect the deed as if it has been renewed, being done at that very moment. This is a recurring of the consciousness which one has experienced while performing the action. He may see characteristic symbol of the place in which he is bound to be reborn. This gati-nimitta ( a sign or symbol ), e.g. fire, lighted lamps, weapons, flesh, blood, celestial mansions etc will appear as clearly as any object you see in broad daylight.

This consciousness is not the unchanging soul. It is Tanha (attachment) which leads the life-process to go on. During a being’s conception in its mother’s womb, the first consciousness that arises at that moment is called re-linking consciousness. This links the preceding life to the present life. Obviously, the unique character of an individual is stamped on the cell structure at conception. The transferred qualities and talents from the previous life, can lie dormant or hidden to varied degrees, and are not evident. With each new body, we begin anew, which means our past abilities don’t simply drop down from the sky. However, when appropriate condition appears, these qualities and talents will take effect. We will readily and easily learn them in this life. Some good examples are musical prodigies like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, and Richard Strauss. Other prodigies are: Handel, Schubert, Chopin, Samuel Wesley and Christian Heinrich Heineken. Heineken, at aged three, was able to speak French and Latin, and at aged four, started to study religion and church history.

Four kinds of Birth:
Egg-born beings (andaya)
Worm-born beings (jalabuja)
Moisture-born beings (samsedaya)
Spontaneous births (opapatika)
Birds and oviparous snakes belong to the first group. The next group belongs to all human beings, some devas inhabiting the earth, and animals that take conception in a mother’s worm. The third group belong to embryos that take moisture as nidus for their growth. The last group belongs to Petas, Devas and Brahmas. Spontaneously born beings are not visible to the physical eye, and when they die there is no residue left.

Those nine birds must have been my friends during a previous life, though it might be not on this planet.


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