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Ramu was very excited. They spent an hour enjoying the feats of the Karate Cat.

Wonderful cat

When Rama was ten years old, his family lived in a small town. His father Rama Rao was a office manager in a company. Jamuna, Ramu mother, was a housewife. She used to be alone in the daytime when Ramu was at school, and Rama Rao, in his office. She wanted to have a pet. She asked Ramu father several times for a pet. Ramu also supported his mother.
Many days passed, but Rama Rao did not bring home any pet. Jamuna said to herself, `I should get a pet on my own'.
One morning Jamuna and her son Ramu went to a pet shop on market centre. The pleasant shopkeeper welcomed them. Jamuna explained her problem to the shopkeeper.
`It's a Karate cat, trained in Japan, Madam! It's the only Karate cat in India'.
`What does it do? Ramu asked curiously.
`Karate cat', said the shopkeeper. `It I will give you lot of entertainment.'
`Karate Cat!' Ramu and his mother shouted at once.
The shopkeeper placed an old chair in the middle of the shop. Then he brought a little kitten. It was white and cute. When he said, `Cat, karate chair!'
the kitten jumped on to the chair with vigour. In a matter of seconds the cat broke the chair into pieces.
`Wow!' Ramu jumped with joy. What a wonderful cat!
Jamuna paid for the cat. Ramu and his mother left for their house.
When they reached home, they searched for old boxes, crockery and other useless articles and brought them to the hall. Ramu was very excited. They spent an hour enjoying the feats of the Karate Cat. The Karate cat smashed many items. Ramu was waiting for his father. He was curious to tell him about the Karate Cat.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Sep 2015 (#)

Awesome post Madu Hong Kong Kitten!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
15th Sep 2015 (#)

I am sure you have the money to replace all of that which Karate cat broke.
None the less, in India any lie would sell and only a fool will buy it as person who was born and lived out there I can tell you, I wouldn't pay premium for a Karate cat. I saw cats which were about Rs. 15000 and I walked out and found a cat worth millions for just Rs. 400. She was polite, loving and most silent cat that was loved by all. She died none the less, in a fire but her memory and legacy remains.
Karate is not of Japan, get that correct, its judo and cats do that as kittens fighting and biting each others with hair standing up.

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author avatar peachpurple
17th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting story

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