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Some religions place great weight on the naming of children. The name depicts the essence of who the person will be. Especially is this so in the Jewish religion, for example.

This article purports to say that your birth-name is important in numerological terms also, and it also indicates the karmic load that you are coming into this life with.

The karma associated with your birth-name

Karma creates our life until we become true creators of life by living only from love.

This article is about how your karma is connected to your name.

Our present level of karma, or karmic load can be determined from our birth-name.

Our character, and ways of behaviour can be revealed by examining our given name.

Karma results from our past actions in relation to life, and to other souls. Any time that you act from a level of less than total unconditional love, karma is created.

Your name though doesn't influence your karma, it more reflects your karma.

Your name reflects the karma that your parents think that you carry. They psychically pick this up when choosing a name for you.

In numerology, our life path number is an important number. Numerology also has other numbers relating to our name. These reveal karmic patterns attached to our name down to each letter's individual influence.

The combination of the letters brings together the power of the word.

The power of a word is mentioned many times in the bible. The word refers to the hidden name of God.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

This is a quote from the Christian bible. It comes from Saint John's gospel, chapter one, and verse.

Our life path number depicts who we are at the time of our birth. It indicates our strengths, abilities, and life purpose for this coming incarnation. This number shows us what we must face, and learn as karmic lessons in this our coming life.

These are our goals, life challenges, as well as a caricature of our personality traits.

An example using a fictional man named Arnold

Here's an example of how all of this works.

Arnold Samson Pettersom, was born May 25 1961.

His life path number is found from the numbers in his birth date.

First we add 5 for the month, + (2+5)=7 for the day, and + (1+9+6+1)=17 for the year.

This sum makes 5+7+17= 29.

Reduce this number down to 2+9 =11, and we obtain Arnold's life path number.

The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are not reduced any further, being master numbers.

All other numbers are reduced to single digits. Sometimes the number 44 is also included as being such a master number. These larger numbers carry a stronger vibration, or they can influence the direction of your life more.

This means that we have a better karmatic chance to learn more quickly from our life's experiences.

Our karma can be more readily faced, experienced, learned from, and then moved on from.

Arnold's life path number is 11. We can still reduce this down to the number 2 though to learn even more about what his numbers might mean for him. Even though his life path number is number 11, the number 2 will still have some influence on him too.

Another number obtained from summing the number of letters in your name is your destiny number. It is linked to the karma in your birth name.

The number of letters in Arnold's first name is 6. There are 6 also in his middle name, and there is 9 letters in his surname. This all totals up to the number 21, which is then reduced to the number 3, by adding its comprising numbers, 2 and 1 together again.

If these two numbers match (your life path number, and your destiny number), your birth name perfectly matches your karma.

The further apart they are in their numerical length the more that your name is not fully depicting your karmic load.

If our vibrational energy is moved away from its balance, we can be influenced away from being our true selves.

We might then follow another person's path rather than our own. This can sometimes happen if we have a mismatching name.

Our destiny number is commonly found by matching numbers from the alphabet to the letters in our name.

This is an approximation only though, because all alphabets are not the same.

In this method, A is linked to the number one, B to number 2, and so on through the alphabet.

To determine your own destiny number, calculate first all of the corresponding numbers by matching each letter in your name with its number, then simply add all of the numbers together to obtain again a single digit number.

Our destiny number reveals our expected life direction by its indicating to us some of the ways that we are best suited to achieving our life purpose.

In numerology, each number has a defined meaning, similar to the different astrological signs.

You can look up the meanings in a good reference book to learn what your own particular numbers mean.

Everything is linked. Everything reduces again to oneness.

When these numbers indicate that a difference is there, the difference from this overall oneness shows you, that you still have some karma to work through.

This indicates our soul's position on its life path.

You can assess your current position from your name and from your birth date to determine your own position in relation to the karma that you are carrying.

The contributing effects of any karma can be seen and worked out by examining the influences relating to the time and place of your birth, and to your birth-name.

You must learn first from your karma before moving past it.

Each lesson must be fully first learned before the next lesson or step forwards can ever be taken.

The sound of your name

The sound of your name is also linked to your karma. Chanting your own name reconnects you to your soul purpose.

Sounds are linked to letters.

The way that they are connected links to your karma in such a way that it provides a key to unlock your karma. Karma is our teacher, and it helps us to grow.

Karma is not a burden to carry. It is a method of learning.

You can chant the individual letters of your name, or the connected syllables. For example, Arnold might chant his name as Ar-nold, using the syllable method. You can chant your whole name, or just your Christian name in this way.

This technique unravels your karma for you through creating a greater acceptance by you of your given name.

The purpose of life for each soul is to learn more about love, and to grow in knowledge, and wisdom from its life experiences.

Our name reflects our karma on our possible future life path. Changing our name in itself will not alter our karma.

Our name carries the energy of vibration of our present level of consciousness.

If we change our name, we can alter our vibration in the same way as using negative words lowers our vibration. We can have a more energetically positively charged name.

Our surname highlights family characteristics, dispositions and family karmic patterns.

These are being followed almost automatically by our children unless they can become aware of this influence.

The force of a name was originally linked to the employment or the skill of the person, and this linkage carries great weight in creating karmic bonds within families continuing such patterns.

Sometimes our parents have their own agendas for us. The name they give us then might restrict our own energy flow.

We need to always be our real selves.

Taking on a new name can sometimes help us better to be our true selves. We can drop some of the influence over us when we do this of the name. Sometimes we can be born again, so to speak, when we take on a new name.

We also each have a spiritual name, which meditation can reveal to you.

These names and numbers can describe you, but never let them limit you. Don't become so attached to descriptions, that you miss out on an opportunity to be the real you.

Your name is important, but more important is the nameless one living within you as love. This is of course, God.

Language is a description of consciousness living within life.

Nothing is ever mismatched. Your name serves your purpose. When this purpose is fulfilled, you move onwards. This is the way that life works.


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26th Jun 2014 (#)

Interesting article.

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thanks carolford

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27th Jun 2014 (#)

A little long, but very interesting.

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thanks Utah Jay

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27th Jun 2014 (#)

interesting...but we create our lives...we choose what we want to complete so the paths are set before we re-embody (our souls into new bodies) and the wisdom of our High Self will prompt us...unfortunately most listen to another voice...

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27th Jun 2014 (#)

if we do not live from love alone, I believe we are being controlled by other laws.

We need these to bring us back to love...

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interesting Spirited, whether we believe in your words or not, it can not be denied they are thought provoking, you certainly do put in the work.

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thanks micheal, I am just putting my thoughts out there on the table for chewing over by others so to speak...

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