Karma, fate, destiny, and spiritual life purpose. Do they work all together in some way connectedly?

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Ultimately perhaps we all have the same destiny. We are all heading to the same final place.

Our own individual destiny though could be said to be the way that we get there.

We all have our own path to travel upon, and our own experiences to live upon that path. What meets us on this path, could be called, fate, karma, or love. How we name it though is largely up to ourselves.

Fate, destiny, and life purpose are linked together by love

How are fate, destiny and life purpose linked together?

Does our destiny keep coming towards us until we fulfil it? Can it ever be avoided?

Are our destinies intertwined with other people's destinies? Is destiny governed by karma, or by life purpose?

Love brings all three together.

All three are parts of love, serving love.

Fate is not karma, unless it is part of destiny too.

Love links you to your life purpose, which is linked into your destiny, and which fate only shadows for you, even as your karma acts to bring you back to your life purpose again, in such a way that you are kept more or less always on-track.

As a result of this, you can never move too far away from your own spiritual path, because karma or fate always act to move you back onto this path called destiny again.

You are given chance after chance to continue the walk on your own spiritual journey, as you go on-wards towards fulfilling your own life purpose for yourself at the same time.

Every life purpose, every path is different. Every soul is unique.

Only karma and fate are linked.

They act together to bring together different souls to help them to work off their combined karmic debts.

These karmic debts have been created or incurred because they have not loved each other fully within all of their life experiences, where they have come together previously, for the sole purpose of their learning something more about love, and its truths.

Who holds our destiny for us?

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves."

This a quote from the great English playwright, William Shakespeare, (1564 to 1616).

Do we hold our destiny within our own hands, or does somebody, or something else set it up for us?

Our destiny is set by our soul in a way from the gifts that God has bestowed upon it.

It's our destiny is to live from these gifts in such a way that they are multiplied so that they are then shared with the rest of creation in a beneficial way.

The fruits on our branch are formed, ripened and given out to others to sample the truth as it grows on our own particular branch of the tree of life that God has planted for us all to live upon, and to live off, all at the same time.

Individual destiny

"Individual destiny, or fate never does exist, except for the influence of your karma."

I have seen this sentiment being expressed by various people, but is this idea right?

Do we each have an individual destiny, or is there just a combined destiny, where we are all heading in some way?

Each individual soul has a unique destiny to fulfil in that it has been assigned a certain unique role to play for itself. Each soul has a certain position within oneness which it must slot itself into fully for it to operate fully as itself, fully being itself within oneness.

A square peg trying to fit into a round whole never does quiet cut it within God's oneness.

Your life is always a creative masterpiece of newness, mixing freshness together with activity.

We have a destiny, but it is often better for us to direct our life, and not our destiny.

This simply means that we should never just sit back and watch the workings of karma, or fate in our life. This only serves to increase your karma, and so it will act then to fulfil then, your own, "expected" destiny.

This is never your true destiny of course though. It is just the one that other people are trying to tell you that this is the one that is your destiny.

Astrology is not about destiny.

It just paints a picture of where you have come from, where you are at, and it often points to where you might end up, if you do not take charge in your own way of your own life, and so live from the God given gifts that have been given to you to live from, and to reach the destiny that God has planned out for you, to reach.

Astrology serves by allowing people to be introduced in a way to karma. Karma is really basically speaking, astrology.

To divine anything is to see the karmic connections taking place in it.

Love itself though is never operating by karma, and so love is also always outside of astrology's influence.

Astrology allows you to align yourself with your karma, by revealing it to you.

When you can see your own karmic connections, it is the first step to your growing past this karma by learning at last from it what you were meant to have learnt, and so this then re-establishes a reconnection to love in you.

Astrology is based on karma, but the good readers usually are reading it from a level of love.

This can help to allow you to softly perceive your own links to life, karma, and your possible future, as it will play out for you, based on these pointed out astrological connections.

This will happen for you if you stay as you are, and if you don't move away from this predictive karma by your learning the love from it that all such experiences are only ever trying to bring you.

It's all always, always all, only ever, only ever, always all, only ever all, only ever all, always only ever all, always only ever all, about love.

It's all about love in other words!

It's never really ever about anything else.


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author avatar RBB1010
8th Sep 2014 (#)

Love does seem to be the main building block, thanks.

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author avatar spirited
8th Sep 2014 (#)

yes, without love what would we have left? thanks RBB1010

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Sep 2014 (#)

Deep thoughts about life and destiny reflected here, thanks Spirited. I like to learn about life from my own experiences as each is different. Karma has an effect in as much it could well decide where we are born and our family members. Our justice system hardly scratches the surface, so karmic effects should be the ultimate way we are judged for our actions here. I cannot fathom where we will end up or whether all will go to the same place. But my inner knowing tells me we are eternal - no real birth or death and we are born wherever for a reason and also our destination after leaving this blessed place. Give more than take is my motto and wish all well and for those who have ill feelings - forgive them for they know not what they do - siva

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author avatar spirited
8th Sep 2014 (#)

"whether all will go to the same place"

The paradoxical truth might be that we are all in that same place right now!

Oneness always remains as it is.....oneness.

thanks siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Miss your posts and glad to be back, nice to see your work again Spirited very educational and motivational as well!

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author avatar spirited
9th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks Fern, seems you have changed your picture there too.

Don't get too busy too quickly you will give us a heart attack chasing you around LOL

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Sep 2014 (#)

I promise I wont my dear friend, cheers!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Spirited, great article. I'm a firm believer that love and karma go hand and hand.

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author avatar spirited
11th Sep 2014 (#)

yes thanks Nancy, they must be connected in some way.

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