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There are a few ways to keep those pesky critters from entering your home. Proper home maintenance and insulation are the keys to making your home bug free.

Pesky Pests Can be Kept Out

Many homeowners either buy their own pesticide or hire someone to come out to spray for insects in their home. This may sound easy enough, but this will not keep them out forever. Take some preventative steps to ensure your home pest free.

One of the first things you may want to do is to winterize your home even if it is summer. Caulk up any wood trim up against the brickwork of your home. If there are cracks in the mortar of the brickwork, you can use mortar caulk for them as well. Re-insulate your doors and windows with caulk and weather stripping. This will keep them from crawling on in to your home.

The most obvious step is to keep your windows and doors closed when you are not using them. Test them to see if they are closing properly. If they are not, repair them at once. Make sure they are plumb and square so they do not have any great gaps allowing those pesky critters inside.

Some not so obvious ways to keep them out are to attract frogs, toads, birds, owls and bats. Even lizards eat them. Unfortunately one way to attract toads, newts, salamanders, etc. requires having decaying wood piled up a little so they can hide from their predators. Should you choose to attract them place the wood out away from your home.

Other ways to attract most of them is to have a pond installed with running water. If you can put something up around the pond to keep children out, have the pond a little deeper than six feet to bring in the frogs. That way they can hibernate in the winter without having to find a safer place to stay.

Placing a bat house out in a tree will also keep other rodents away. Bats and owls eat them, and will eventually take roost in your yard if you take the time to learn what will make your yard appealing to them.

Nighttime birds, other than owls, are more likely to help you out than all these other critters. Usually all they want is a home in which to reside. Find out which ones are local to your area, and then you will have a better idea of what kind of home they like.

Learning how to keep bugs out of your home may seem like much to do, but it can be fun if you have the right attitude and take the time to learn all you can.


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author avatar Rose*
27th Dec 2013 (#)

A very useful and informative article. I tend to get ants in the summer, and keeping them out is hard work.

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