Keeping Reptiles and other small Animals as pets can be fun, BUT

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The top most popular pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish, share many of our homes, but some of us prefer the most exotic type of pet, this article is for them

How about a frog?

Do you keep small animals as pets, how about this cute little frog in the picture? He is known as "golden frog" and can be found on the Pacific coast of Colombia and usually lives in groups of up to six individuals, so if you decide to keep them it is better to get at least six or more.

The Golden Frog lays its eggs on the ground and when ready carries the tadpoles to pools of water, so you will also need to keep water nearby.

Not as it seems

Oh! And one last thing, this sweet little "Golden frog" is the most poisonous of any living animal, just one milligram of its poison can kill about 10,000 mice, or between 10 and 20 humans

One gram could kill 15,000 humans or two African bull elephants, most of the time to heart failure or fibrillation
But these frogs are on the Critically Endangered list, so maybe you would be better, keeping Snakes

Cute dwarf hamster

This is a sweet little dwarf hamster is as cute as a button, but
Maybe it would be better to keep a little snake, how about a nice "Oxyuranus microlepidotus" better known as the western taipan

This cute little snake comes from central east Australia and is a shy and reclusive snake, with a placid disposition BUT

Its venom is specially adapted to kill warm-blooded species

All it takes is one bite

The Taipan is considered the most venomous snake in the world, one bite of its venom can kill 100 full grown men or more

Maybe I will stick to my pet rabbit, he seems a lot safer, or maybe a Puppy

Or you could take up writing instead

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author avatar yugasini
27th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing nice article, have a nice day.

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author avatar Carol Roach
28th Feb 2015 (#)

no I am happy with dogs and cats I don't need anymore pets

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author avatar Austee
6th Jun 2015 (#)

Getting exotic pets really needs extra care specially when kids are around..

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author avatar Austee
6th Jun 2015 (#)

Getting exotic pets really needs extra care specially when kids are around..

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