Keeping Your Garden Free From Pests

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Slugs, insects, deer, and rabbits are part of the natural world. Yet, this will not mean that we need to tolerate such pests as part of the garden. When it comes to effective gardening, you will need to keep garden pests away as much as possible. Keeping these pests will not only preserve the look of your garden but this will also ensure that your garden produces healthy plants.

So, how do you keep your garden free from pests? Here are some of the tips that would help you out.

Avoid Harmful Chemical Solutions

While there may be a lot of commercial pest removers and sprays available out there, it is still best to avoid them and opt for a much safer and healthier method of keeping pests away from a garden. Safer methods will not entail the use of harmful chemical solutions. With this, you are keeping mother earth a healthier place to live in.

Use Homemade Organic Sprays

Homemade organic sprays are great alternatives to using chemical pesticides. A good organic spray recipe is the mixture of garlic cloves and hot pepper or essential oil extracts. This mixture will work efficiently in repelling small pests like bugs and larger pests like rabbits.

Make Use of Bloodmeal

Another way to repel pests would be to make use of bloodmeal. This is a byproduct from meat packing plants and this is actually flaked and dried blood. A lot of pests are not fond of the smell of blood. In addition, bloodmeal is also great for the soil since this can add nitrogen to the soil.

Coffee Grounds – A Healthier Way to Deter Small and Large Pests Alike

Coffee grounds are great addition to a garden. In fact, this does not only keep pests away. This can also add nitrogen to the soil. Moreover, this can actually increase the acidity of the garden soil which is ideal for acid loving plants. Garden pests like slugs, cats and deer are not fond of the smell of coffee.

Keep Those Slugs Away With the Use of Copper

Aside from using coffee grounds, another effective slug repellent is copper. In fact, slugs and snails hate copper. Copper may be used in several ways to keep these garden pests away. A decorative copper tape can be used and placed around the flower pot’s body to keep snails and slugs from crawling up the potted plants. For plants on the ground, thin copper sheeting may be used and made into a ring to protect the plants.

If Keeping The Pests Away Fail, Trap Them!

If the use of protected copper fails, you can opt to trap the snails and slugs. An effective slug and snail trap will require simple ingredients like a shallow containers as well as beer or perhaps grape juice. The snails and the slugs will flock towards the trap you made. You can place several saucers with grape juice all over the garden too. The slugs and snails will definitely dive into the saucers and will eventually drown.

Fence It Up!

If the pest problem will involve larger animals like pests and rabbits, the best way to keep them away would be to make use of fence. While this may seem a costly approach, installing a fence can ensure that your garden is well protected from large garden pests.

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