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This article will discuss some information about protists.

Protists Rock!

Protists are from the Kingdom Protista. They are all very small, and not as big as plants or animals (Plantae or Animalia). They range from one cellular to amoeba with many cells. They tend to live in wet or moist areas.

Protists all have a nucleus, which makes them eukaryotic. Also, they can be plant like, animal like, or fungus like. They can be producers, consumers, or decomposers in an ecosystem. Some of them have chlorophyll, which allows them to produce their own food through the usage of photosynthesis. However, some don’t use photosynthesis to create their own food. Some of them have tail like flagella to propel themselves. Some are solitary; however, some happen to colonize with other of their species. The ones that eat other cells are typically multi-cellular, or containing more than just a single individual cell, amoebas. They come in many different forms, and protists are very versatile organisms. Thank you for reading.


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