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The external world of a person has three aspects - Nature, People and Economy, and the person is required to deal with each of these equitably. Failure on any one count decimates his/her successes on other fronts.

Two Worlds Face to Face

Every individual has to deal with two worlds of his/her - one internal or the self, and the other external including everything except the self. Although, the self seems to be too small as compared to the rest of the world, its importance to the person him/herself is no less than the whole external world. To make one's life meaningful, he/she must deal with both the worlds successfully.
I have dealt the topic of dealing with the self elsewhere in an article, here my purpose is to discuss one's dealings with the external world. The external world of a person has three aspects - Nature, People and Economy, and the person is required to deal with each of these equitably. Failure on any one count decimates his/her successes on other fronts.

The Nature

Each individual is an organic component of the Cosmos. Since, we still know very little about our Cosmos, we remain concerned only with what comes in our direct contact in routine ways - such as the Sun, Moon, Earth, Air, Water, Space, Fire, Time, Matter etc., to which we have given a common name 'Nature'. Since, we all species of life are produce of Nature, it is the most basic thing we deal with day and night. From ecological point of view, we know this Nature by another name environment. Needless to say that our lives are dependent on our respective environments which we are obliged not to destroy by our omissions and commissions.
Study of Nature and its various objects is carried out under physical sciences - principally Physics and Chemistry, which we have developed quite a bit in the last 300 years or so. To know our Nature and deal with it in a right way, we need not be a scientist but having a scientific temper is desirable which expects us to think logically. Our knowing what damages the environment and restraining ourselves from doing that is the call of the logic.
Nature is too big a thing to be tamed by even combined efforts of the whole humanity, we can only keep on investigating and knowing it more and more gradually, and aligning our lifestyles accordingly with a spirit of coexistence with Nature. Any humanity-Nature confrontation proves disastrous to life on the planet. The most important fact about dealing with the Nature is that we keep cleanliness all around us, produce no waste that is not biodegradable and try to recycle materials from one usage to another, from one person to another.

The People

Dealing with people is often called developing and sustaining inter-personnel relationships to have harmony in the society. This subject is studied under social sciences such as Psychology, Politics, Sociology, Civics, etc. Since humans, once upon a time long back in the history, decided to organize themselves socially with a spirit of mutual cooperation and we have been following that tradition, let us not only continue it but keep on developing it using all our faculties including our wisdom and intellect.
Communication is key to relationships for which we have developed languages, gadgets, media, etc and no more depend on body language only as many species of life on earth do. Through these developments, we can convey our exact feelings to others overriding even time and space barriers. Books written thousands of years back are messages to us from our ancient ancestors. Through telephony, we are able to communicate globally and instantly. Internet has the potential of making the whole humanity to live in a virtual village where intermingling is so easy. We only need to restrain ourselves not to misuse these great facilities of communication.
Since historical times, there have been two distinct classes of people on earth - developers and exploiters. These two channels of humanity have been developing themselves in their own ways. As a result, there has been a great progress in every field of human life on one side, on the other side, ways and means of exploitation have also become quite advanced. Thus, human progress is coupled with painful exploitation of a great majority of humanity by a minority with evil minds. These exercises begin at individual levels and get exploded to global levels gradually. International conflicts, revolutions, terrorism, etc. are some ways and outcomes of such exploitative tendencies.
What an individual can best do in the prevailing situation is to improve his/her relationships with his/her fellow humans in an empathetic way with having virtues of patience and alertness while saving him/herself from exploitation by the evil minds.


Human life is essentially a phenomenon of continuous needs - foods, clothing, shelter, good health, education, protection against exploitation, etc., to name some basics of life. All these needs money and that must be acquired by each of us for survival and happiness. Acquisition of money has two ways again - productive or creative work and exploitation, both being quite prominent in our world. Therefore for any individual, mere earning money is not enough, he/she must protect it too from getting taken away by others.
The most cunning way of getting others hard-earned money is through power of more money than that being earned by the prospective victim. This is called capitalism quite widely in practice in the today's world. Advertisement and publicity through communication media are glaring examples of capitalistic exploitation. Every evening, every individual sitting before his/her television set for entertainment after the day's hard work is flooded with brain-washing commercial advertisements overshadowing his/her genuine need of an entertainment.
Protection of a citizen's right from exploitation is the responsibility of political leadership and administration of the country through a policy framework. But these two groups have become the most dominant exploiters of the common people particularly in poor and thickly populated countries like India.
Morality needed to be at the core of every economic activity has been put to rest by policy makers and those responsible for its implementation, thus, encouraging every citizen to be an exploiter by him/herself of somebody weaker than him/herself. The chain reaction continues until the poorest in the society.


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