Lack Of Information In Africa

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One of the Reasons Africa is Undeveloped, it's due to lack of Information.

Lack of Libraries and Internet

One day back in 2010 I was speaking to a group of youths aged between 19 and 35, they were about 120 all together. I was talking about lack of information in our community and Africa at large and how it is hindering community development. It was surprising to know that out of the 120 youth only a handful of them had internet access and less than 10 of them said that they read the newspaper once a week. My community's population is about 5,000, but in the entire community we don't have a single community library. Even some schools don't have Libraries. The ones which have libraries are not well stocked with book. There is such a bad reading culture in Africa and in particular Zambia my country, that most people only read for school and not for general knowledge. Last year a friend of mine was selling some motivational books, unfortunately only few people had interest in buying them, he was stuck up with the books for months. Seeing how much there is, like of information in our communities and how it was negatively impacting our communities and the nation at large, as a group of youths we decided to form a Youth organization to work on increasing the access to information. The organization is called "Young Heroes Zambia" we thought that we can only change our country if we changed our mindsets, and we can only change our mindsets if we have access to information. Knowledge is power so they say, with this power we thought we will change our community starting with ourselves. Our main objectives were:
1. To establish a community Library
2 To set up internet cafe and computer center.
We wrote to one organization in UK for assistance with computers, we were put on a three years waiting list.

Internet and computer Center

Last week I received an email telling me that the organization is now ready to send us 5 computers and a scanner, all they are asking us to do is to send them 96 pounds. When i received this email i was very excited knowing that we are now a step ahead to provide the youths of our community with access to internet. This means power to these youths in our community. I believe once the center is set, it will bring a lot of change among the youths and in our community at large. They will now be able to connect with the world and this means opportunities, change, connections, power, knowledge information e.t.c. The world of internet is endless opportunities are unlimited and vast. I can't wait to see these youths in our community starting to learn computers, by the way our public schools don't have computer lessons. So even the youths who have completed school are still computer illiterate.

Community Library

We wrote another organization in the states soliciting for books, unfortunately the amount of money they requested for shipping was far way than we are able to afford. So we are still thinking of ways and means we will use to set up a community Library. I remember the first time I entered a Library was when I was in grade 8 and we were only allowed to go there once a week due to limited space, books. I know this is a same story to most African youths. I want to change this.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Feb 2014 (#)

Knowledge is power. I do hope Africa gets its priorities right - siva

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author avatar Mathews
19th Feb 2014 (#)

Thank you for the comment.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
22nd Feb 2014 (#)

Hopefully Africa will get out of tis situation, as well its youth that goes into American Europe to sudy returns with its new ideas and develops many of this wonderful continent! Alos the dictators that wont allow anything from outiside that will be sort of treat to their rule!

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author avatar Mathews
22nd Feb 2014 (#)

A new era is dawning upon Africa, I believe there is hope for Africa.

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