Landlords Who Are Slum Lords.

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So back in 2012 i moved in a small house, because I didn't really have a choice. I have lived here for 2 and half years. I have a slum lord for a land lord. He name is Erik and he sells real estate. Now the place i moved into wasn't cleaned, even tho he said it was. It was a mess. If I would have known what i know now, I wouldn't have gave him a penny for it.

Slum Lords

So in 2012 I needed a home for my daughter and her 3 daughters. I found one, and if I knew I what I was getting into, I wouldn't have rented this run downed house, but I thought I don't have a choice.
So I paid 1600 dollars a month. The house was in bad shape, but I thought we can fix it. So we all moved in. There was so much wrong with it. I did some looking and in the laundry room I notice that it had been on fire, the beams were just painted over. I thought ok he must have the fire department ok this house, but he didn't he was suppose to replace the beams that were burnt. when I asked him about this, he said i am not going to put any more money into this house, if you want them fixed you fix it.
Well I haven't. Then the place is taking over the yards. It is getting into the pipes.
So the water runs really slow in the kitchen.
I have been looking for a different place, but rent is just to high, and I have a big family, a house now days cost 1200 on up, and none of us make this kind of money for rent. I use to when I could work, but I have a daughter who is disabled.
Talking about that, when I was at work, Erik the slum lord came here and treated my daughter like crap,he noticed that there were 2 dogs at the house, and he said to her, if those dogs aren't gone, I will evict you and your mother in 3 days. She said we are just watching them today until my sister moves into her house

Erik and I have no contract, he didn't give me copy if we have one. I pay the rent right on time. He never gave me receipts, so I went to my lawyer and he said, start a paper trail, so I did, and I started paying ERIK in money orders, and he got up set at me. He said what is this, I said, I have to have paper trail, and you never give me receipts, he said I trust you, I said if you trust me why do you count the rent money in front of me, he said to make sure it is all there. That sure is trust isn't ERIK.

I was told by the neighbors that there use to be a people who sold drugs in this house, and I know that to be true, because detectives use to come to this house that I live in. I told him about that he said well that is why I gave them 3 days to get out. Then I found out he may have helped them so he could get money to.

The stove went out I called him but no answer, so my brother in law, bought me a different one, I told Erick I tried to call you and I got no answer.
The rug in this place was just so bad, and I lived with it for 2 years, and I saw him at the gas station, and ask him if I could remove the rug, he said If I replace it, I said ok, when I took the rug up, there was this beautiful oak wood floor. It was to nice to be covered. I haven't got the rug yet. But when I leave I will get a throw rug. The floor is so much better then the rug he had down.

So now let me tell about ERIk the slum lord. He told me when he came to pick up the rent that he was going to KICK me and my family out, if the grass wasn't green, well I let him talk, while I was recording him. He told me he didn't want to put any kind of money into this house, he asked if the house was a wreck inside, i said no. He said I am going to sell this house, if the grass isn't green. He is mad because the grass isn't green. I told him the reason your grass isn't green is because the roots care above ground, and it is taking over the hole yard, I told him I had some yard people here and they told me to put dirt on top of the roots, and start all over again, he called them a liar, he said he waters 24/7 on his place, and he has trees all over the place, I told him I do not have the money to pay for all the water for grass that isn't going to grow. he said those lawn people are liars and they will go out of business.
This house I rent looks lived in, I have bikes, i have work out equipment in the over head, and we sweep it everyday. The house it self is kept cleaned in side. I pay my rent on time.
Erik won't give me any other way to pay the rent, except to him. He shows up when ever he wants to pick up the rent. I have asked him if I can send it to him, he said no, then I asked if I can give it to him through his bank he says no. So I have to wait until he feels like come to pick it up. Also he drives past this house all the time. He doesn't do anything for this house other then bitch. He is a slum lord. So I am looking for a different place to live in. I really want to buy a place, but my credit score is in the is not 700. But I am working on that. land lords who are slum lords do not deserve to have good renters. Erik your a slum lord. And you know what I can not wait to move out of your house. You will have to do what the fire men tell you to do.
The electric is all mess up. You will have to put money into your house, you will have to replace all the things that are on this list. The things I will not do.
Fix the pipes right.
Fix the burnt beams
Fix the toilet that leeks
Fix the broken locks on the doors.
Fix the back door where there is no window.That fell out when my daughter shut the door.
Fix the electric wires and the fuse box that beeps all the time.
Why does it leek down stairs when I water the back yard.
The low pressure that in the kitchen, water. Your roots have grown into the pipes.
Most of this stuff I have not done, because it is the land lords job.
It took Erik 2 years to get some roofers over here to fix the roof, he told me in 2012 that he was going to send some roofers over, and then 2 years later they came at 6 o"clock in the morning. I had my grandsons get up on the roof and fix the roof, and then he sends the 2 roofers.
The fence was never fixed, he tried to say we did it, but we didn't.
The fence is still the same way as when we moved in.
Erik has did nothing and he said he wouldn't. I have my uncle do some of the work. The list has always been the list. I would fix it but I plan on moving. Good luck to your other Renters ERik. I plan on moving when I get enough money saved up. So thank you for your time. Thank you for letting me blog about my land lord. If there is anything I can do please let me know.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
20th Aug 2015 (#)

I feel sorry for you. What else can I say?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Aug 2015 (#)

It is sad but a humorous take too especially the way you concluded this post!

If I am a tenant the landlord takes advantage of me and I am sure any tenant will find me easy meat! siva

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author avatar Linda Bocook
23rd Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you for your support. He is a slum lord. Friday he came over peeking in my windows. Telling me to come answer the door, and then he wanted in. I just said no, and he never calls, So he said I will see you Saturday and he never showed, I told him he was going to have to wait until monday, and if he wasn't going to be here when he said, I will not be home. Thank you again for your support.

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