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Landlords should take no chance with people they cannot get good references for, because in the long term, they could trash the house and refuse to pay the rent, Landlords are not to take no chance with this risky ventures.

what type of tenants do you want in your property?

Tenants have rights and landlords have their responsibilities, the landlord must decide who will be responsible for the landscape and gardening you don't want your lawns to be looking like a forest with overgrown grass and weeds everywhere making your house looking like something made out of witches broom, Landlord should make the contract plan and easy to understand, and it should be absolutely clear who is responsible for what.
Restriction may be negligible on certain harmful habits, like smoking, and loud music and parties, but be cautious about allowing pets into your home, there is that added problem of replacing the carpets after dogs have chewed up the newly laid shag piled, say no to pets however polite and sincere people may sound it will save you a whole load of trouble in the future, and if they insist then you must also insist on high standards.

Remember you may want this home to go to a family member in the future. Step four: what type of tenants do you want in your property, professional is highly recommended, the landlord then has exclusive rights to challenge the level of rent by increasing the monthly payment, this could determine the type of people that would apply for residency, the perspective tenants must undergo a security check and reference provided, if you want to be on the safe side.

The Landlord should make sure the prospective tenants are in a good position to repay the monthly payments, by checking that they are in full time employment and have been employed,
Landlords should take no chance with people they cannot get good reference for, because in the long term, they could trash the house and refuse to pay the rent, they are to take no chance with this risky venture, Landlords cannot second guess a person who comes across very nicely, but may there may be things hidden about them which could give cause for concern. Everybody comes from somewhere find out about your tenant; because once they are in your property they too will have legal rights, and privileges.

To get tenants vacate your property in the unlikely event of misunderstanding the tenancy agreement, it could cost you a lot of money paid out in legal fees, save yourself the trouble later but getting all the tick signs in place now. Points to consider, you could be losing over seven thousand a year by keeping your rental property locked up and just lying empty, by lots of earnings through rent, community tax, depreciation repairs, weather condition determination of exterior paint work, garden left in dilapidating condition and updating security measures.

There is also the risk of vandalism, and crazy mind set squatting and causing nuisance to neighbors. Having a tenancy agreement from your landlord protects both parties, whether you are a landlord or tenant, it is vital that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations.

The law protects both parties and does not permit anyone to take the law into their own hands. Landlords are usually responsible for the maintenance of the property repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water installations, basins, sinks, baths and other sanitary installations, shower.

Flooring, kitchen units, drive ways entrance and gates. the safety of gas and electrical appliances, the boiler and plumbing the fire safety of furniture including doors, windows and furnishings provided under the tenancy agreement ensuring that the property is in fit condition for single or family habitation repairing and keeping in working order the room and water heating equipment The common areas with full lighting facility.

The tenants are responsible mainly for accountability, and adhering to the tenancy agreement. paying the rent on time as agreed and taking proper care of the property paying bills for gas electricity, telephone, Internet connection, cable and other credit agreement, so the property address will not have adverse information lodge against it, and anything else that was agreed with the landlord In most cases, paying the council tax, water and sewerage charges and gardening. Tenants have rig


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