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Landslides create a panic in the minds of the hilly people as well as the tourists in the hilly areas. It is the heavy rainfall and incessant rain that causes the massive landslides resulting in traffic dislocation on the National Highway and the other main roads running through the hilly terrain.

What is landslides?

Landslides are the process in which the loose soils and water accumulated on the upper region of the tract of the road cave in rushing the water ,thereby the roads are completely damaged.The loose soils and boulders are not only heaped on the road but the small hamlets are crushed on the low lying areas also. The landslides may cause the traffic dislocation and death to the poor villagers.The landslides are more frequent in the Kashmir valley,the Garhwal Region , the Darjeeling Hills and all other hilly terrain in the rainy season.It is needless to mention that all these places are beautiful Tourist spots.Men ,women and children rush to these tourists spots during the summer season. But the pre- monsoon rains upset the tourists so much so that they can not enjoy the beauties of these tourist places. Such incidents of landslides on the National Highway and other places disturb their mental peace and generate mental agony with only one to return to their safe place of residence. The state departments of the state government , the National Highway Authorities of the central government and the army were so well equipped that they instantly press into the action for repairing the road ,thereby easing the sufferings of the affected peoples.

Its impact on the local economy.

The major landslides create a roadblockade on the National Highway and the vehicles are stranded for hours together , disrupting the supply of fuel ,gas,essential items for household in the towns and the localities.The unscrupulous traders create an artificial scarcity of the essential items in the market,thereby causing the hardships of the hotels, the local people of the area,including the tourists.So long as the roads are newly constructed and become rubble free, it remains the tension of the passengers in the tongas, buses,lorries, trucks,and small cars etc. They simply wait with patience for restoration of the roads.But it does not take much time as the dumpers ,the bulldozers and the excavators are pressed into service. The drivers of these machines are so courageous and energetic that they perform their duties carefully and sincerely. They have no fear to operate these machines just beside the long deep tunnel.It goes without saying that the manual laborers of the hilly area are so hard working and sincere that they do not care for their hardships. They stick to their work so long as the roads are properly repaired and declared as motorable roads. The local administration are pressed into quick action for relief measures and rehabilitation of the distressed people who are displaced by such devastating landslides.


The landslides are one of the major calamities experienced in nature. It is generally observed that earthquakes are one of the major reasons for landslides. Landslides are the displacement of soils,boulders from upper region to lower regions. We cannot escape such eventuality when there is heavy and incessant rain in the hilly terrain.The hilly peoples are habituated to such natural eventuality. They face it boldly with profuse mental strength and moral courage. They are expert in local nature. They bear with such sufferings.


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author avatar Retired
28th Apr 2015 (#)

I have seen some terrible landslides on television. Some cause such terrible destruction. Interesting article.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
29th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouraging comment.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
1st May 2015 (#)

Landslide is a worldwide occurence. It happens in our place. It's expensive in terms of human lives killed and damages in property. It can be minimized by planting deep-rooted trees.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
2nd May 2015 (#)

I agree. Thanks for nice post.

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