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League of Legends is the most played game in the world at the date.The strategy and gameplay are tremendous good, but in the other side community is weakened for the thirst of win.
I will give some advice, i play since 2010, not a pro player, but a friendly one

League of Legends, the rise of a summoner

League of Legends is the most popular game nowadays, everybody know it, everybody play it. The game mechanism is pretty simple: you have champions(characters, heroes), a map where you fight to defeat the other team and reach the victory. Every champion have a particular role, either you go toplane, midlane, jungler, marksman or support. Pretty simple, fun to play and the variety of champions makes the game team compositions interesting.
When you start playing, everybody is nice, the mistakes are always a newbie excuse and there is a real conversation about tactics in team chat is nice to see. But(there is always a but), once you get the maximum level(30) the scenario changes. You can play ranked games, things get a little bit more serious(L.O.L.), you want get deeper in the game and there is no room for mistakes. More than 70% of players will tell you things about your mom, about your dog, even once in a while they will wish you a good funeral. Sad but true, if you play you will get this day by day, game by game.
Well but its still a part of us that play for fun, for learning and for friendship. When you are in the game and you have one teammate that is 24/7 flaming at you, your performance will decay, you can not focus and you are a step far away from the victory. In that moment a choose will be made: you will embrace the dark side of flaming, or you will keep your mind and focus up and keep playing. When someone flame at you, doesn't make him a bad person, we don't know what kind of life or what kind of that player is passing.There is some people that play just for escaping the reality, for release the stress. Its understandable that some people can maintain a good humor, and other will lose their control since minute one.
The one, and the most value advice that i can give to you is just to keep your mind and your energy focused in the game. Even if you are loosing try to learn from your mistakes, try to win, try to improve, just try as harder as you can. Try even more if its possible....
Don´t flame, don't rage, don't be that guy that cries every time. Be the one that can lead your team to victory

"Stay Positive"- Lux the Lady of Luminosity


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