Learn the Russian Alphabet: Lesson #4

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Learn the Russian Alphabet. The steps below will help you learn the Russian alphabet which will come in handy if you ever have the opportunity to visit a Russian speaking country or meet someone from one. The alphabet is the foundation of all languages. If would like to learn Russian then this is where you’ll want to begin. The impact of knowing the alphabet is that you'll be able to read: signs, menus, and every other form of written communication.

Learning the Russian Alphabet Lesson #4

Tips for Learning:
Write the lesson on a piece of paper. This will help re-enforce what you are trying to learn.

Look over the lesson multiple times a day. Repetition is the best way to learn a language.

Make yourself a quiz. You may use flash cards or simply fold a piece of paper in half. Flashcards are nice because you can shuffle them, and then combine them with other words or letters you are learning in the future.

Оо- o as in ok, but with a w sound added
Пп- p as in please
Рр- r as in run
Сс- s as in smile
Тт- t as in toad
Фф- f as in fun


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