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Learning english is not that difficult unlike some people think especially if you follow good and smart ways like the ways which we are going to discuss below.

Take advantage of all of the resources you have as much as you can

English teaching websites, books, CDs, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, radio…etc.
Try how to learn using those resources to learn the language and develop your English skills.

Try to eliminate fear or shyness when speaking English

Most of English students feel shy when they speak the language because they think they will make mistakes when they talk and people will laugh on them.

Let me Inform you that even English native speakers make mistakes when they speak so you have to feel self-confident and try to focus on your spech not on the people around.

Make your English environment

What i mean is to keep yourself surrounded with English. When you watch TV or listen to the radio try to only watch English channels and stations. movies with subtitles are effective and funny way to vocabulary and accent.
Listen to native speakers and talk to them the most you can and if you don’t have native speakers friends Speak English with your friends whenever you can even if they are not understanding what you are saying. and if you don’t have any friends, record your speech and listen to it again and again to know your mistakes and work to correct them.

Practice, practice, practice!

If you fail to make this part of your daily life you won’t get the expected results. You have to practice and do excercices because this is the best way to measure your progress and i’m sure you will be impressed by the results if you work hard.

Good luck.


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author avatar Retired
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Nice tips.

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author avatar alboodi
8th Jun 2011 (#)

it is good to be nice and shairing the pepule from any were in the world by having them us a freindly hapynes with any one us long us he is a human been

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author avatar saurik
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you guys.

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author avatar Humza
21st Jun 2011 (#)

first of all I welcome u to this wowest writing website!!!

good write saurik ad thnx alot for ur comment, it was really beautiful to remind the word of GOD!
so very true
looking forward to more of ur good work to read!!!
keep it up :) thnx for the share

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author avatar saurik
21st Jun 2011 (#)

You are welcome Humza.
Thanks for passing by. You too keep up the good work. ;)

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author avatar Qadra
14th Sep 2011 (#)

thank u so much

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