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Here I offer all of you out there a free and easy guide to help you learn how to play the guitar. Learning how to play an instrument can feel like a hopeless task especially when you have a busy schedule and are forced to learn about how the notes look on paper or how time signatures work. That's why I'm offering you the chance to learn guitar in a new exciting way that will have you playing in no time!

Why this way?

Many people ask me why is your way better? For hundreds of years people have been learning how to become musicians using methods already established so why the need for change? I answer them this: the world has changed, more and more time has become occupied in people's lives. There is simply no time for the old method of teaching through understanding music on paper. Music in the 21st century should be felt before it is read. After all, we all spoke our mother-tongues before we wrote in them right?

So what does it imply?

My way of teaching an instrument is simple, it gives you the chance to learn what you want to learn. Then, when you become able to do what you wanted and you start enjoying your instrument you will be able to move on and cover the theory that before looked so unappetizing.
So basically, go out and learn songs, learn the basic scales so you can improvise and play along with the music you love! It's all much easier when you're having fun!

First Step?

The first step should be for you to figure out what kind of guitarist you want to be. Don't worry about the details or specifics of your playing or even the genre you would like to play in simply make the distinction between a rhythm guitarist and a lead guitarist and choose one.
Rhythm Guitarist:
A rhythm guitarist is the heart of the band and is mainly part of the rhythm section along with the bass player, the drummer, and any other percussive instruments around. This type of player does not have to emerge him/herself into learning many scales but does need to have a natural ability with keeping rhythm and "feeling" the beat of the music. Pieces like The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Runnin'"
A Lead Guitarist
A lead guitarist represents and brings across the melody of the piece of music. The lead guitarist often shares roles with the lead vocalist and/or any other melodic instruments like the Saxophone, lead Keys, and so on. A clear example is Carlos Santana's "Primavera".

The Basics

In order to be able to understand everything you need to play the guitar we have to start with teaching you the basics. First of all let us talk about notes. The notes follow the alphabet; A-B-C-D-E-F-G. After G you get A again, the distance between the low A and the high A is known as an octave. The way we'll get to learn the scales we need to know will be through the use of whole-tones and semi-tones. A whole-tone is generally the distance between one note and the very next note (A to B), however, there are two cases were this is a bit different. Between the B note and the C note and the E note and the F note there is only a semi-tone difference. On a guitar neck a semi-tone is a two fret difference whereas a semi-tone difference is but one.

Basic Lead Guitar: Pentatonic Scale

The easiest way to get into lead guitar is through the pentatonic minor scale which is easily learned by this formula: WS - HS - WS - WS - WS+HS - WS and then repeat.
Where WS means whole-step and HS means half-step. In notes this looks like this:
Let's say we're creating a pentatonic minor scale in A so then this formula would give A, B, C, D, E, G, A.
The easiest way to play this scale is starting on the sixth string or the low E string at the fifth position as shown in the image on the right although there are some notes missing from it.
With this scale you will be able to play all sorts of solos and with time progress outside of the fifth position and into more complicated versions. In the end you will be able to do stuff like this. Yes this is a video of me playing and you can find many more on my channel on youtube Kippenpooten07.


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author avatar Euphonos
21st Jun 2010 (#)

nice one....i am already finding it a way easier

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author avatar drelayaraja
21st Jun 2010 (#)

Great share friend, I always wanted to play a guitar. first I have to buy one.

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author avatar Natasha Head
21st Jun 2010 (#)

A very informative write. My daughter is learning to play, so I'll have her swing by and check out your page! Thanks for sharing....N

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author avatar Danny Edwards
21st Jun 2010 (#)

Great! I'm glad I could help! There will be more on the way!

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author avatar Zarrin
8th Feb 2013 (#)

um v.sry. but i kindda ddn't understand anything. um a very begginer with just knowing a few cords. can u help me? please?

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