Leelee the Dachshund

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My dog Leelee thinks she is human. Leelee, the dachshund, likes to do things that humans do. My dachshund is very funny; she keeps my whole family laughing.

Leelee, the Dachshund, likes to drink out of a cup

My dachshund Leelee is a very funny dog. Leelee like other dogs loves to drink water. She doesn’t like to drink her water out of her dog dish. Leelee, my dachshund, prefers to drink her water out of a cup. I have a little green plastic cup. Lee knows this cup is hers. Leelee gets excited when she sees her cup. She stands on her back legs and begs for her cup. He loves to lap up the water with her long tongue out of her littler green cup. It is very funny to watch this little dachshund drink from this cup.

Leelee will drink water from her dog dish. But, she prefers to drink the water from her cup. She lets us know when she wants to drink from her cup by barking at the cabinet where her cup is kept. Leelee hardly ever barks for any reason. So, it is funny to see this little dachshund barking at a cabinet for her cup so that she can have a drink of water.

Leelee the Dachshund’s happy face

My dachshund Leelee makes me laugh all the time. I love it when Leelee rolls on her back and makes happy dog faces. Leelee looks so funny with her ears hanging off the couch when she rolls over on her back. Leelee looks like she is smiling. When Leelee does this, she wants her belly rubbed. She moans when you rub her belly. Leelee is such a sweet little dachshund. I am so glad, to have her as part of my family. Leelee has made my home a happier place.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2015 (#)

Cute indeed this little fellow, very happy too and spoiled!

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author avatar brendamarie
26th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank-you, spoiled a little maybe but she was a shelter dog and needs a little spoiling.

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author avatar Retired
26th Sep 2015 (#)

Adorable! Great piece!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
26th Sep 2015 (#)

brendamarie, I love reading about Leelee. She is such a happy dog. I love it!

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author avatar Carol Roach
26th Sep 2015 (#)

my cats do the same, they role over on the back when they want there belly rubbed. Animals are so delightful

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author avatar brendamarie
26th Sep 2015 (#)

animals are a great delight in our lives.

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author avatar Kingwell
27th Sep 2015 (#)

I love pets. Blessings.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Oct 2015 (#)

These make our lives worthwhile, thanks Brendamarie for sharing such tender moments - siva

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