Let's figure it out

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This article is all about knowing our self. Knowing everything about us and discovering what we are capable of.

Let's figure it out

Do you really know yourself enough more than others know you? Do you know everything about you? Do you have something in you that others don't know? Do you love yourself? Do you know how to judge yourself before others?

Knowing yourself is the best thing you can do, you are lucky if you know everything about you. Some of us do not really know if who they really are, not just physically but mentally. Sometimes people keep o judging others but they does not really know their self. They keep on murmuring to others life but they didn't see their life. They don't know that what they are saying about others is the same as their own life.

Other people are sometimes judging others; they don't know what is really going on to others life, why they are acting like that, why they are doing something like that, why they have that kind of attitude. I would like to say that it's better to know those people for a long time, because a blink of an eye to others and keep on saying something that are not really good is not enough to judge them.

Sometimes people that we don't have any bond or make a little talk to them are more deeply than us, for some instances why they are like that; there is always a reason for it. We don't have right to say something to them, we don't have right to judge them because we all know that we all are the same born in this world and has equal right no matter what life we had, no matter what status we had in life.

Some people are so bless to have a good looking and physically okay, but most of them are something not good inside. But of course some of those people are also good inside and out; people don't have the right to judge others. We never had born in this life for judging people. We need to be open to be friends with others, leveling yourself too much will affect your entire life, and sometimes that's the reason why you are going down.

Be thankful for everything you have, used all our senses in a good way and not in the wrong one. Think carefully before keep on talking on something. Words can feel you good but also words can feel you bad. What we already say will never change. Learn from anything that happened to us, appreciated all people around us. All of us can be friends and good from one another if we want. What we want is what we can do everyone knows that.

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