Let's make an aquarium for less than 50 euros?

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If you are looking for a low cost aquarium, just read a litle and you can make it... I did it and the result was better than i expected

Build your own aquarium, cheap, big and at your tast

Well a decent aquarium can be pretty expensive and can have some extras that we don't like or can't be upgraded if we need something more.
I got my 1st aquarium(i will abbreviate for aqua) in second hand and in great condition. But the main problems was that i couldn't have more than 10 little guys. There are rules, you must consider that all fishes grow and need more space. Generally we can make 1 cm of fish per liter of water, its a standard rule that most of aqua fans respect. Of course that isn't a God rule and you don't need to follow, neither all fishes reach their maximum size or you can change frequently the water. But i wanted more fishes, i wanted more plants i wanted more baby fishes. What could i do? Well buying a large aquarium of course.
My little aquarium had 20 liters, i needed at least 50 liters for my new project. So i thought, if this aquarium costed me 30 euros, one two times bigger maybe costs me 60 euros. I checked in animal store and i almost passed out...almost 100 euros for one aqua, and i didn't have that money. After one week of searching in all stores and in all internet sites i couldn't find, the price it was the main problem. I gave up.
Two weeks passed and when i arrived home i found a larger glass from my front door. a light sparkled in my head. Next day 9:00 am i was in the front of the blower store.
I asked for a budget of 3 glasses 60 cm per 30 cm, and 2 glasses 30 cm per 30 cm. The owner of the store made some calculations and said to me: "20 euros". Unbelievable.... i was starting in my head making all the plans and he said:"27 euros with silicone and assembly". I just said "MAKE IT". two days later i got the tank of 54 liters, isolated and ready to be full fit with water. Then i searched for thermostat. i needed at least 200 watts potency for that tank. Still expensive. Still expensive, because quality must be paid. For a temporary solution i bought one that isn't branded, and 5 euros only.and with 200 watts. Well i prayed that he last 1 month till i get one more stable.
Next step, and the most important, get a filter. That was hard, for my calculations i needed a filter pump that could filter 600 liters of water per hour. in this one i didn't have any choice. I knew that i need a branded filter to have the minimum conditions for my little friends. The most cheapest and good i found it cost 45 euros. That wasn't in my plans. It passed me by my head to buy 2 filters of 200 each(30 euros) but wasn't good enough... So disappointing, after all this the most expensive thing it was one of the most important. Well in the next day, after sadly sleeping, i woke up and....voila... I founded my solution, better saying SUMPlution. A SUMP, is a little reservoir where the water comes from the aqua and get filtered by ceramics, glass wool and pumped by a water pump. I made some schematics, and with some glass i manage to make it. Ceramics costed 3 euros, glass wool 2 euros and the glass for the reservoir 4 euros. The water pump costed 3 euros in second hand. Final step the light. That was the most easy thing in this project, with a metal bar(approx. 60 cm) some electric cable, and a light rail. I bought this in electric store, near my home, was pretty cheap, cable 0.20 euros, light rail 2 euros. The light costed me 2,5 euros (60 watts).
In conclusion:
-Tank-27 euros
-Thermostat -5 euros
-SUMP - 12 euros
-Light -4.7 euros
A 54 liters full equipped tank costed me 48.7 euros, and its running all day long since 12 of September 2013.


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good post very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

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