Let the Sun Cool Your House

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This article deals with the problems that extreme heat build up in our attics causes.

One hundred fifty degrees...Now that's Hot!

Do you realize how hot your attic can get in the summer months? Well upwards of one hundred fifty degrees is pretty common. What’s bad is that when the temperature gets that high during the day the air space in our attics never really cools down that much at night. Storing up that kind of serious heat can only lead to problems down the road for us home owners.

If your roof and ceiling aren’t properly insulated this heat can simply seep in through any cracks you may have or transfer from the actual ceiling down into the living quarters. This will keep your thermostat busy trying to keep your home cool. In turn this will cause you power bill to be much higher.

Not only can high attic heat run your bill up significantly but it can also do major damage to your shingles. A roof that is supposed to last twenty years, may only last ten. We all know that replacing a roof can run way up into the thousands. I certainly do not wish to do that on a regular basis.

One simple solution to this over heating problem is to install a solar attic fan. A solar attic fan doesn’t have to be wired into the house so it can run all day without costing you not even one penny. These fans will move and circulate the air lowering the temperature in the attic and thus lowering your power bill. They will also keep the temperature from reaching such extreme highs helping to save wear and tear on your roof and shingles.

Not only will you be saving your home from damage and lowering your monthly bill, you will be showing your friends and neighbors how to go green…one step at a time. And that’s a good thing.


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