Let us save our mother earth

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This is about saving and preserving our mother earth for new and future generation. Start with oneself and spread it nation wide. This will help people to appreciate and give importance to our nature.

Let us save our mother earth

We, the people need to take good care our environment in order to avoid calamity. Parents should teach their children how to take care of those plants, trees and seas for the safety of the whole world especially us, the people. We need to learn how to value and improve our natural resources, for us to survive any challenges here i earth.
People are the one who can take care of those resources; people are the one who made reason why it is being destroyed. If we don't take care of those resources which is gift of God to us in order to survive, this earth, our planet will be destroy and all people will die. Every calamity that happened to each country is the result of actions of people.
We need to keep and maintain the goodness of our environment, we need to plant more trees and learn how to minimize those things that will be the reason of destroying our beautiful ecosystem. Each government from every country should make an ordinance about it, i know that many countries are starting to take good care and start improving their resources.
We need to keep those beautiful things around us in order to give a chance to those generations in the near future that they will see and feel the beauty of our mother earth.

Learning of kids start at home, so, all the parents need to teach their children not just about how to have a good manners and how to live well but also how to take good care of environment and the reason why we need to do it.
Can you imagine that there are so many people all over the world, if one person can plant trees it will be good for us, we will be benefited by it. This is the best thing to do, if only people all over the world can do it.

Simple things that kids can learn from their parents are a big factor to save mother earth. Throwing garbage into the right place and lessening the used of plastics is also a big factor.
There are several advocates in the world that is keeping and saving our environment, people can participate that if we want. Helping one another is a great start for a better future.

We need to save our environment. We need to do something. We still have chance, it is not too late. We can make it.
Let us start with our self and teach others. We need to do an action now, not tomorrow, not the following days. Stop abusing natural resources. We, people can do it.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
28th Sep 2013 (#)

Together they come for Planet Earth my Love,
Pendant of the Angel dwelling Above.
Bringing in the message that pours heart,
Showing the Universe this is the way,
With the love of Air making all trees sway.

Breathless in passion caressing and whole,
Planet Earth is in love with Creations' Soul .
Bringing in the life that now shows the way,
Leaving all spellbound not more to say.

As the Creator now steps in with Voice of Love,
Showing the Message invigorating heavens Above.
As Planet Earth partakes in life's endure,
Bringing back eternity that is true and pure.

Peace and calm reigns in the world around,
With abundance and beauty in tranquil surround.
Showing the life that is set to path,
Bringing in the consequence of the aftermath.

Pulling in the energies that bring life today,
Showing no other can do it but truth, life and way.
Coming home triumphant carrying his Queen,
Showing all the energies now clean pristine.

With all mortal children now cleansing waste,
Bringing back the resources pure and chaste.
As all of life depends on this, Stars, Moon and Sun,
For we are so many, but Planet Earth is One.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 29th September 2013

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