Life, More Than a Stage

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Life may look like a stage but it's a kind of stage where you write your own script & decide your own role.

More than a stage

"Life is a stage"
Yes, life has a bit of resemblance with a stage, but is it REALLY a stage? Are we characters, each handed a script to play and leave at the end of his play?

Life may look like a stage- everyone has a role to play. But I think it is more than a stage; I know and I've seen.

At birth there is no script. There is just you and the world- a big land of adventure.

Life is more than a stage, it is as uncertain as an adventure and as intense as a battle. We are equipped for this adventure and this battle with our talents and abilities, not with a script. We have no idea what awaits, we have to decide, each, our own roles from our arsenal of abilities and what we encounter as we journey.

Life is not a pre-ordered journey; your story has not been written anywhere waiting to be fulfilled; your destiny is not programmed.

We are all born with one great tool, 'WILL'. So you choose your own path, you write your own story and you decide your own destiny.

"Life is a stage" is only a distant view. In a close-up view life is more than a stage, definitely not an act. We are equipped with will for a reason-

Create your own script
Write your own story
Decide your own destiny

If you don't, life does for you and the outcome you just may not find pleasing.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th May 2015 (#)

Well said IkeNwosu. We are dealt a deck of cards and then it is up to us. However, we are sort of actors on a stage; husbands, wives, grandparents, children, grandchildren etc. They take up their roles too and act or live their roles - siva

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author avatar IkeNwosu
12th May 2015 (#)

Very true Sivaramakrishnan A
And the diversity in roles gives life balance.

If only some of us would stop trying to copy peoples' scripts and write our own.

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author avatar Retired
12th May 2015 (#)

"I know and I've seen." Are you an Aquarius by any chance?

According to the book, "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton, we get to glimpse into our future lives before birth. However, so as to keep us from the feeling of predestination, we 'forget', once we are born.

However, like all good actors, we excel at improvisation, making it up as we go along. Hopefully, we'll get it right this time!

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author avatar IkeNwosu
12th May 2015 (#)

No Sir, Taurus it is.

The "Destiny of Souls" sounds interesting. I'll look for it, thanks for sharing.

I'm sure with knowledge we will get it right

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