Life Lessons My Pets Taught Me

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Pets can teach us many life lessons. Here are some of the things I've learned from my dog, Casey; and my cat, Tara.

Don't Judge

Casey the dog can't talk but he sure can teach us humans a lot about life. Casey and my cat, Tara, have taught me the importance of showing love, acceptance, kindness and appreciation to everyone I meet.
Lesson one is simple: don't judge anyone. Casey and Tara don't care if you're a millionaire or an ordinary person struggling to pay his or her bills. They won't judge you or criticize you no matter what you wear, how much money you have in your wallet or what kind of car you drive. They will love you no matter what.

Appreciate the Little Things

Tara is a master at appreciating the little things in life. She enjoys lounging in the sun on a warm spring day. Sometimes, she prefers to hang out in the shade. During the winter, she hibernates in our basement and takes refuge on a dusty chaise lounge. Tara doesn't need a lot to make her happy. She enjoys herself no matter where she is.
Casey is also good at enjoying the small stuff. A belly rub, a dog treat or a walk around the neighborhood are some of the things that help make his day. Just like his feline friend, Casey doesn't need much to make him happy. Why can't we humans be more like them and learn to appreciate what we have no matter how small?

Take It Easy

In today's world, we humans often feel rushed, stressed and overwhelmed. There's too much to do and too little time to do it. We never take a minute to breathe, sit down or relax. Maybe we need to be more like Casey and Tara and make time to relax. We may not have time to take a nap like they do but why not take a break once in a while? We can sit in the sun and feel the warmth on our face just like Tara does. We can sit down and rest just like Casey does.

Be Kind

The last lesson Casey and Tara can teach us is showing kindness to everybody. Casey greets everybody he meets by wagging his tail and licking their hands. He occasionally jumps up to hug people even though I am trying to break him of this habit. Casey loves everybody and isn't afraid to show it.
Tara is kind to everyone she meets as well. She will purr and nuzzle you. Sometimes, she rubs against people. She's a lover, too.
All of us need to be more kind and less non-judgmental. We also need to appreciate what we have and take some time to relax. We really can learn a lot from the animals in our lives even if they keep jumping up to hug everybody.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Jun 2013 (#)

lovely and heart warming indeed is this...thank you Connie...

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author avatar Johnny Knox
14th Jun 2013 (#)

Nice! Sweet pets and valuable lessons!

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