Live without money: more happy than ever

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An article for the people who hates money like me because all the problems people have when they pursuit the finding of money.Not always people are happy when they got so much money in their hands.

Live without money: more happy than ever

Let's be happy without money .that is very difficult because people have money as if it were the only thing that is in a person's life, but in reality the money is more a problem than a blessing, is a curse that everyone looks for him and not always used nice methods, robberies, vandalism and lawsuits often destroys marriages, families, industries, friends all that money is power, either in america or in countries of the third world money is the same, it is the pursuit of material wealth without seeing the consequences harmful to that trae.a personal and commercial relationships.

How many wars have been fought in the history of mankind and it is always for the same by the power the money, before it was gold and precious metals now is the dollar, the pound, the rupee, the euro, and that gives me courage and make me sad as exploits people, women children, men, the elderly to get the most out while a few miserable wages are earned instead there are other people that profit from the work of others. that is not fair and never the sera, that all should be equal in the presence of God, that is my opinion always.

I've learned through 20 years of internal experiences to live without luxuries, such as live search with the minimum, clear cost me stay alone without girl, without friends, without many people only seek to use you to get money, but for me is better out of these materialistic people that the money was going to end anywayIt is better to demonstrate you that you do not want early in the relationship that after it is developed and appears those storms of human relationships that are hard to contener.

Get a budget of what you have and what you want but not what you get, then see if you can achieve these goals and how much you tardarias, if it is worth to get it and measure consequences of these acciones.tambien can analyze how many friends you can get without the money is the only option to make trades, live either your groupware or bonding with people that is related to your way of thinking. He lives in your effort of fruits and vegetables that you can sow, modest but honest life that you may have.

Believe me its more happy lives without the stench of money because youre free of the material slavement money makes people


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Nov 2013 (#)

Being in the finance field I have seen the shenanigans at work. They go up the ladder forgetting even those who hold it for them. Most of them are unhappy and make others too with their avarice and ego. Nine work so that one becomes rich - the way of the world - siva

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