Living and Learning: how to get burned and keep going on

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Through the ages of time, there is one thing that has taken everyone outside of the box. The one act of creativity that has made everyone better who did it. The one thing that means anything: It is the ability to think outside of "labels", "the box", "the stereotype", whatever.

Like the underground railroad was not a raiload in those terms, thinking is more than just "thinking"

There are all types of thinking, and thinking outside of stereotypes. There is visualization. There is making up things in your mind as you hear them like Beethoven, who was deaf. Then there is the thing that negates it all, the stereotype of what it is to think and be creatively intellectual: You know, the Frasier Crane type pipe smoking idiot who knows it all type of thing. I end that paragraph there and start a new one, because, I really want to get started on a better note with the meat of this article.

Think about it, life is more than just looking the part. Life and existence are really states of being that encompass all things, stereotyped or not. Fitting the part and being the part genuinely are two different things. We saw that fact with Michael Jackson in comparison to the talent of his other siblings. If you want to do well, you must not just fit, you must be, you must feel, you must take it to another level whether it is becoming an underground rebel or going over the top by taking it to another level, the key is non-conformity.

After all, the first real non-conformist in modern history was a carpenter in the Middle East in Bethlehem right? What if he had have not made waves and "stayed in his place" and really rendered unto the kings what was theirs instead of speaking out genuinely. History would have been a whole different thing. I remember this "Star Trek" episode where Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy went to a planet where the Roman Empire on that version of Earth squelched the message of Christ for two-thousand years, it was called "Bread and Circuses". To see gladiator games in the twentieth century was weird to say the least, but that was the least that could have happened if Christ would not have brought his message and been what he was here on this Earth. I get it.

So, I come to a question: What if slavery and injustice were "universally accepted" as normal and you got killed for any complaint about it? Welcome to most of the unfriendly world outside of the "free world", where if you complained in any way, you would be killed.

I remember and still do at times read George Orwell/Eric Blair's novels about totalitarian states and all of that, and realize the reality that Plato showed: Normal human nature cannot be trusted to do the right thing, only an extraordinary nature is even capable of doing the right thing. What do you really think Plato showed with the cave allegory anyhow? Also, we can only practice Aristotle's honesty and logic once we have gotten past "normal human nature". Indeed, I take Plato as a warning not to be a normal human being, and Aristotle as a call to "man up" and be extraordinary and non-conformist as I can be. I get it.

So, that brings me to a point: What is now really fueling the rumors of Harriet Tubman on the ten dollar bill? The real fuel to that fire is that she represents the greatness of non-conformity and honest rebellion, not expansion of the government and making people conform like Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and their ilk.

What does all that I said above have to do with getting burned and persevering

Only the genuinely and righteously stubborn non-conformist perseveres in life and existence. That is a fact of life and existence. Why do you think that getting to heaven is hard and the path to genuine hell looks "easy and fun". Because getting what is really wanted is the hard way, going with what is and being a weakling is the easy way. After all, "life is good for the Caesars, peel them a grape, and hard for Christ, peel off his skin" as an old Latin saying goes, somehow, although I paraphrased it in English for all to understand the meaning of hopefully. So, perseverance is more than just staying for the last round. It is continuing until you have genuinely succeeded on your genuine terms, whatever may come up, down, or whatever. If you are ready not to be normal, be prepared to do what you need and want to do in that order, because it is going to take that.


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