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Skarner build, hybrid. No need to jungle, perfect gank and lane abilities.

Introduction :

I would suggest going hybrid with Skarner, although he has armor, dps and speed JUNGLING is NOT RECOMMENDED if you want to enjoy its full potential.

This article I would like to describe his main attack, ultimatum(ult) and how I am playing him.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pros and Cons

Tank or DPS
Easy and early ganking
Faster running speed then most other players
TEAM champion

Vulnerable to gank
Not highest DPS
BAD solo laner

Recommended Summoner Spells

Great to catch runners and allow kill, good use for tower diving and using ult to finish them off.

Normally used to escape dangerous situations and to catch up with fleeing enemies, though Skarner has an extra punch with it, it will allow to pull enemies even further back when used in combination with his ultimatum.


Greater Mark of Insight
Due to the fact it is an armor penetrating spell it will do more and more dmg depending an high AP. It is also great to harassing laners in the start due to their low magic armor.

Greater Seal of Resilience
It all helps for survivability, staying alive longer results in more dmg output.

Greater Glyph of Celerity
Greater Glyph of Celerity helps with global spells, but is foremost important to lower the really high cool down on the ultimatum. Lower CD results in more ganking and in more kills.


Crystal Slash

Ability : When using this spell, Skarner will lash out with his claws, in this stadium he will deal physical damage to ALL nearby enemies, and charge himself with Crystal Energy for 5 secs. This Crystal Energy will play a role in the following crystal slash attack, when there is crystal energy present, the attack will deal additional magic damage and slow the target.

The crystal slash is considered useless, due to its 80 dmg at max rank, and is only used for two things. It is excellent on minion waves or to apply the slow effect on an target. The range is really low and therefore much harder to apply.

Crystalline Exoskeleton

What is in a name, the player will achieve a shield for 6 seconds when this spell is activated. Not only will you be shielded, also an increase in movement and attack speed are noticed.

Normally the main purpose to use this shield is the speed bonuses, the shield that goes along is considered a nice bonus.

Two main functions are, to use the attack speed bonus when attacking turrets, and to use the movement speed bonus when chasing, fleeing or turret diving.


Fracture is a combination of different abilities. First it will deal magical damage by using crystalline energy. It hurts the target, but will also place a mark on the target for 6 sec. During the time when a target is marked will this mark be consumed if skarner does any more damage, and skarner will get healed.


This spell allows skarner his most power full and kick ass ability. He will impale his victim and deal magical damage. The victim stays impaled on Skarner during 1,5 seconds while Skarner can drag him along. As stated above Impale combined with a movement speed buff will largely increase the distance. When the impaling is finished the victim is dealt the same amount of damage again.

Al tough the 1,5 sec seems short, it allows to pull pack his victims into the team group and allow descent and successful ganking.

Keep in mind Skarner is a TEAM PLAYER, use his skills in that manner, don't try to solo kill a victim with your ult, be a team player.


Boots of Swiftness
Helps you to catch people and to optimally use your ultimatum, pulling him further back allows more time to kill him.

Nash or's Tooth
Spells will deal more damage, more ability power and mana.

Abyssal Scepter
Combination of a supply of more MOAAAR ability power to allow more spell damage, it also gives some extra magic resistance, upgrading your defence against pure mages.

Rod of Ages
Good overall item with some nice mana, AP and health perks.

Thorn mail
Really good item if the other team has a tryndamere or jax, reduces their damage output by alt.

Randuin's Omen
It has some nice health and armor bonuses, but the best ability is the fact it will slow the people around you, allowing you to catch up to them. It will allow you to survive longer, and thus be a better TEAM PLAYER.


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