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How to be alert when you are being set up to be smacked down

A picture is worth...

I was on Factoidz, happily submitting articles, when I received some rather remarkable comments. on an item I had written about Rutherford B. Hayes, (who?)

Hayes was President of the United States way back when and the article was not particularly controversial. Most of the info was pure Wikipedia

Hence how could or why should anyone make the kind of incendiary comments attacking me for 'bias' and misleading history when the article was pure facts?

The Comments.....

The First was made by a person later kicked off Factoidz who bemoan her fate. The coment is:

"I find it very rude of... you to make political remarks about a country you do not reside in. Your views are slanted and uncalled for. They don't belong here. Why don't you write on your blogs and leave the comment area for people who make intelligent remarks and not snide ones."

The Second Remark was made by a person of similair intelligence;

"I hadn't thought of it that way, --just saw the titles and knew I didn't want to read them--but actually what you say is very true. Putting a completely detached politically slanted commentary on the history of another country is pretty close to "interpretation and opinion."

You can read the last sentence again if it doesn't make sense; but then, these are Tea Party gals...sense is contraindicated.

It's Rutherford B. Hayes I was writing about....

Not being Aware of the Trends; (Factoidz wanted to slap me down to Member, Steal my articles and keep my revenue I responded;

"I find your responses peculiar. If you look at the articles published by factoidz, you will find many people writing about countries they do not reside in. Every word I have written is fact and can be proven. Further, I am dealing only with the facts. Where is the bias, save in those who wish to 'white wash' history. Be careful, your chauvinism is showing."

My remark was followed by another blob of 'bait' which I didn't take as somehow, I knew I was about to become THE SCORN.

Slow Brain

Realising I was being set up; as who in the world could find what I'd written about a guy 99.99999% of the World and 99.9% of Americans had never heard of betraying 'bias' I rued responding.

The fact I didn't take the third piece of 'bait' didn't matter. I was dropped to member for my 'Spamming' of other users. (Forget this was my article, forget I was the one receiving the spam, Mike Quoc liked my work, wanted to syndicate it, and didn't want to pay me)

Alas, the rest is history, to coin a phrase, but it was quite helpful in opening my eyes to the methods used to get a response and utilise that respond as a 'flame' so as to ban/gag or otherwise penalise a pre-chosen Victim.

In Other Times...

As you can see from the above; Factoidz has a program of how to drop writers from staff to writer to member and steal they money.

Factoidz is not the only place this kind of set up goes on; it happens frequently in Real Life. People want to get rid of you and find all sorts of occasions.

I've been slapped down for sitting on the desk,(my desk) talking too long with a client, and once, the driver came to the flat at 7:40 am; (I'm usually collected between 8:30 - 9:00) then acted as if I were neglecting my responsibilities by not being ready..

I've had people pass me and not make eye contact then, just before quitting time arrive to demand I do this and that and the next thing. Why?

I'm supposed to respond. Not smile. Not sit in a cubicle humming a tune because I know I'm being set up.
This, of course provokes anger because I'm not playing by the Script.

Remember Samson?

If you crack your Scripture and get over to the Chapters on Sampson you'll read how he was looking for 'occasion against' the Philistines. Hence this kind of 'set up' is nothing new. It is a standard process to enable one to gain a repeatable 'reason' when they wish to behave unreasonably.

When someone wants to fire you but doesn't want to pay any of the penalties they try to get you to quit. They will perform all sorts of obnoxious acts begging you to respond in 'standard process.'

When you can't quit because you need the job or the money or the location or whatever you need, you must focus on the fact you are being set up and deal with it as a Chess Game with a not particularly skilled player.

The Game? of Chess

Chess teaches you to look six moves ahead. If you do not do this you will lose. You must recognise every single permutation of every single play. And not just in the limited reaction to one move, but the next set of moves.

Experienced players of the Game can take what they glean from a Chess Board into Real Life.

Hence, being aware of the potential of being set up will make you rather hesitant in reaction, forcing your opponent to perform more ridiculous actions. Actions which are so clearly Anti-You and so clearly betraying his animosity they become embassments.


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author avatar Melissa Dawn
10th Feb 2012 (#)

I think what you experienced is a variant on the old 'bullsh** to baffle brains', game. This does indeed go on in the real world also. I'm sorry this happenned to you as I always enjoy your articles.

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author avatar kaylar
11th Feb 2012 (#)

What happened to me is standard procedure on Factoidz.
there are hundreds of people with the same story.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
13th Feb 2012 (#)

Your cartoons are fascinating... and good read too.....

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author avatar kaylar
13th Feb 2012 (#)

thanks Rezaul...

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