Loons and Divers: Misunderstood Bird

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Learn more about this majestic bird and its sometimes misunderstood taxonomy.

Loons: Misunderstood Birds

I have recently written an article on ducks and some may wonder why these birds are not included. The reason is that loons are not classified as ducks but rather are classified under their own special category because they do not fit under the category of a duck. This change was made in the 18th century after it was figured out that loons very very unique birds that felt more at home in the water then on the land. A loon as a bird but it is not a duck.

Shape and Variety

Loons are about the size of a large duck, which is why people confuse them as ducks. There are several varieties of loons as noted in the image. Loons live in Northern climates as they enjoy open bodies of water to fish and take-off from. Loons need a "runway" to take off and land so they need larger bodies of water to accommodate this.

Loons or Divers?

In North America, these birds are called loons while in Europe, they are called divers. The name loon may come from the old word "lum," which means to be clumsy. In Europe, the name diver may come from the fact that they are excellent swimmers and can maneuver very well underwater. It is a popular belief that loons mate for life but this has been proven not to be true as loons are believed to have several mates in their lifetime.

Young of the Loon

Since loons are not ducks, it is inappropriate for the young to be called "ducklings" but are called "chicks." Loon chicks are able to swim right after they hatch and live right by the water where their nest is. During the first few weeks of life, chicks ride on the back of their parent to keep warm and to be protected. It take chicks three months to mature and learn how to fly.


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