Lorikeets are Such Fun Birds

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Lorikeets are great small parrots. They are a messy bird because they eat nectar instead of seeds. They are comics and love people. They are great talkers and fun to watch.

Lorikeets are Such Fun Birds

There are many people that keep Lorikeets as pets. The small Lorikeets come from Australia and other nearby places and you also have the larger tropical Lorikeet. If you have a Lorikeet there will never be a dull moment as they are such a playful and energetic bird.

In their natural environment the Lorikeet eats nectar and fruit rather than seeds. Lorikeets require a diet of a nectar mix with fruits and vegetables added. They are very messy eaters and their wet droppings make a big mess of their cage. You must make it a point to clean their cage everyday or it will become a sticky mess. This must be done to prevent bacteria and yeast infection. Even with all the mess and work a Lorikeet is still a joy to have.

The smaller Lorikeets make a better pet because they do not bite as bad as the larger birds. If the rainbow and red collared Lorikeets are well trained they will become fabulous talkers. Lorikeets are extremely playful and love to listen to music and dance. They are clowns and will entertain you for hours.

Lorikeets love toys and they must have lots of toys. You must examine their toys every day and they are very hard on them. They love to tear them up. They will attach themselves to their toys and protect them. Sometimes when you try to touch their favorite toy they will bite you so be prepared.
They form very strong bonds with their owner and make excellent pets. A Lorikeets owner has to put in extra effort to provide their Lorikeet with the care he needs. Lorikeets are a joy to own and they give back so much it is worth the extra work and attention they require.
The small Australian Lorikeets are very playful and have a great personality. They are not as good a talker as the larger Lorikeets. The Australian Lorikeets are not noisy. Some people say that hand raised male Lorikeets will make the best pets.

The larger Lorikeets are extremely intelligent and make excellent pets. All species of Lorikeets come in many beautiful colors with glossy feathers. The larger Lorikeets are great talkers but they can get very noisy. They need continued attention and training to curb their noise. The larger Lorikeets are great mimickers. They can mimic the telephone and the microwave. I you have a dog and whistle for it they will do that and drive the dog crazy.

Lorikeets are great birds and they are a joy to own. The extra work you have to put into cleaning up after them is a small price to pay for the fun and joy they will bring you.

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