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A relationship between two people of the sign Aries will give rise to a pair explosive. First, there will always be a sort of competition between them, and this helps to make things even more exciting.

But there is also the advantage of a complete mutual understanding

But there is also the advantage of a complete mutual understanding: both thoroughly understand the needs and the need for independence of the other. However, when the possessive nature begins to manifest itself too clearly, there may also be strong contrasts in the report, which can only be resolved if both realize that their competition to get in is quite useless. Only after passing these contrasts can their relationship on a sound footing.

In a report of this type, both partners have a strong personality, and in general the relationship is positive and sincere. They both love the novelty and danger, extreme sports and all activities which can be drawn excitement.

Often the most trivial problem that can arise in a romantic relationship, they may seem insurmountable, and this is due to the clash of two personalities so similar. Given that both feel the need to act on their head, they must learn to put aside selfishness, to be more cooperative towards each other, and divide the tasks by leveraging the natural generosity that distinguishes the character .

Both partners are very honest and direct when they lay bare their feelings, so it is very unlikely that this pair may arise in issues related to treason. Frequently, however, will be shots from an angry character sometimes too impulsive.

Influenced by the Planet Mars (the god of war)

Influenced by the Planet Mars (the god of war), the two lovers to sign Aries have a fighting spirit that manifests itself when they collide with each other that when they are allies to a common enemy. Mars is the planet of passion, and influence on the air and very strong, given the passionate nature of this sign. In an affair such misunderstandings are almost inevitable, but the two lovers could always find a point of agreement: first, Aries is always very busy and does not waste time with questions regarding grievances and disputes, he also loves very reconcile with a loved one.

Aries is a Fire sign

Aries is a Fire sign, and this gives the lovers a source of inexhaustible energy. It is very unlikely that one of the two gets tired before the other. Neither of the two lovers love to be submissive, then conflicts will arise continually to determine which of them should take the lead. The report may take a lasting nature only when the two lovers be able to find a compromise solution and to control his exuberance.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign

Aries is a Cardinal Sign. Those born under this sign are thrown headlong on what they want, and then also in love they never stop to think too much before you begin a relationship.

What is the best aspect of the Aries - Aries?

What is the best aspect of the Aries - Aries?
The strength of the relationship between two people of the sign Aries is given the exuberance of the two partners involved, which keeps the tie alive and always exciting. There will never be dead or boring moments in this report, always lively and interesting thanks to the liveliness of the two lovers and their ability to solve any conflict.


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author avatar Isabel Tandoyog
3rd Apr 2011 (#)

I am an Aries and I dated an Aries man before. It was good at first but our competitive nature gets in the way. We never did find a way to compromise and reconcile. Nice article, informative about astrology.

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