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If your passions are dogs and writing, then you have everything you need to start earning some good money. Finding major publications that are willing to work with unknown writers is becoming harder, but there are still some dog magazines that are willing to give you a chance to write for them and they pay good money. I will tell you about three of them in this article.

Writing for Dog Magazines

Writing for online sites like Wikinut has always been easy. Online sites are good training grounds for the new and inexperienced writers, but they are not where the real money is to be made. Writing for the print media, especially for the national publications, the “Glossies”, where the real money is to be made, has never been easy and it is becoming harder for the new writer to break into print with them. Most of them will not even take a writer's query letter seriously unless the writer has published clips. Unsolicited manuscripts, manuscripts that were once referred to as “Over the Transom” manuscripts, end up on the bottom of the “Slush Pile” at best or go straight into the paper shredder, at worse. The acceptance of unsolicited manuscripts is rapidly become a thing of a bygone era, the “Golden Age” of writing. The good news is that the three magazines that I am about to tell you about will not only accept over the transom manuscripts, they will actually read them and give them serious consideration for publications.

Dog Fancy Magazine

Dog Fancy Magazine, like its name seems to imply, is one of the “Fancies”, one of the “Glossies”, but they are one of the few “Glossies” that are not only willing to give unknown writers a chance, but they actively welcome new contributors for their new ideas and new approaches to old ideas. In fact,most of the articles found in Dog Fancy are written by freelancers as opposed to be written by staff writers. Still, if you are serious about writing for Dog Fancy, you need to read their detailed writer's guidelines. Dog Fancy also accepts photo with or without an article. If you want to submit photos, review their photo submission guidelines first.

Dog Fancy caters to college-educated, middle-class, adult readers and the articles written for them must be written for a college-educated readers. The readers are busy people and want practical information fast. Feature articles run 850 to 1200 words.
Dog Fancy does not accept unsolicited manuscripts and will not be responsible for unsolicited manuscripts. They expect an author to query first. Queries should be sent to

Download and study the guidelines before querying with an article idea to find out what their current needs are.

The Bark

The Bark is similar to Dog Fancy in many ways but there are also a few very important differences. First, and this is an importance difference to keep in mind, most of the articles published in The Bark are assigned in advance. Second, and this too is an important difference, The Bark will accept and consider over-the-transom manuscripts. Unlike Dog Fancy which responds to queries in about four weeks, The Bark only reads unsolicited manuscripts and query letters between magazine production periods so it could very well take up to a year to get a response back from them on a manuscript or query letter.

Read The Barks detailed guidelines before querying or submitting.

The Bark also has an online magazine for which you can submit. If you article is accepted for publishing in their online magazine, the payment is a one-year subscription to the print magazine.

Animal Wellness Magazine

As you may gather from the name of the magazine they run articles on animal health issues. In fact they are the number one natural animal health publication in North America. They accept both queries as well as over-the-transom submissions. Feature articles run 500 to 1500 words in length and their turn around time is roughly four weeks. Read their guidelines before submitting.

I did not give addresses, editor's names, or any other querying or submitting details in this article for any of there magazines because all that will be found in their guidelines. By getting that information from their current online guidelines you will have the most current and up to-date information.


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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
1st Jun 2012 (#)

This is really useful information, Jerry. Thank you.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
1st Jun 2012 (#)

I'm happy that you found it useful, PK. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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author avatar Val Mills
1st Jun 2012 (#)

I agree, it's gfetting harder for writers to find magazine markets, so this will be useful for many.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
1st Jun 2012 (#)

I will be writing about more magazine markets willing to work with new and unknown freelance writers and photographers. I am working on another one right now and will publish it later today. I will be busy most of today with Toastmaster International business.

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author avatar Han Van Meegerin
7th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks Jerry. Woof, Woof!

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author avatar Jerry Walch
7th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you, Han.

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