Low self esteem, better read this

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This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.

Low self esteem, better read this

Hello Guys,
I want to share this advice to those people who have low self-esteem. Worldwide, lots of people are having problem with this. I just want to share to those readers some tips.

Some people having a low self-esteem for some reasons, sometimes it's because of those bullies out there, some people especially kids are being bullied at school for a long years but their parents didn't notice it. To those parents who have young kids or teenager daughter and son, please observe them, always ask them about school and everything and observe them at school that they didn't notice. For those kids and teens out there, sharing problems with your parents doesn't mean you’re weak. Sometimes you need to allow them to take an action for you.

Feeling worthless and hard to make some new friends? Are you feeling alone?
Remember that you have your family; they are always there for you. Don't let others ruined your life. Your parents spent so many years to raise you, they give their best.
Making new friends doesn't mean you need to change the real you in order to fit in, to belong with them. Remember that real friends and true friends will accept you no matter how corny you are, what your looks like, what you are and how weird you are, You don't have to have lots of friends, one is enough at least you can say that he/she is your real friend.

Always put in mind that you are not alone, many people out there who really care for you and they really love you. You need to be yourself, you don't need to change the real you and adapt something according to other people's preference. All you have to do is be natural. Don't look other people that they are superior, look at them as normal people like you. Always remember that you can't please anyone, but i want to ask you. Do you really need to please them? For me, it’s big NO, because they are same people as you. Only one God made us that are my reason. We need to keep it our mind.

Believe in you. You are great; you can do something that others can't do. You have something that others don't have. Don't be afraid of everything. You can do everything you like, you can make it. You have the ability to do everything. Start with yourself. Don't base other people on what you are going to do with your life. We are unique and different in our own way.

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Interesting post!

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