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Some History from my home Town. Which is the most Easterly point in Britain.


The name Lowestoft comes from the vikings but the name has been spelt in different ways and pronounced differently too Lothnwistoft, Lestoffe, Laistoe, Loystoft and Laystoft.

Lowestfot is a very old town, and was badly bombed in the first and second world war by the Germans. Lowestoft was the most heavily bombed town per head of population. The Germans used the town for their navigation's Hence why it was so heavily bombed.
There are still old bombs, and mines that are dredged up from the sea or even pulled up by the fishermen.

My Granddads house with stood the bombing that happened down the road where he lived. The only thing that happened to his house was their chimney pot falling down, which did nearly killed my great granddad. He was lucky cos he wanted the loo otherwise it would have killed him.

Battle of Lowestoft

Before the first and second world wars Lowestoft had seen its fair share of battles as well.
One battled was called battle of Lowestoft which was the Dutch against the English. The battle was 40 miles of the Lowsestoft coast. The Dutch were trying do prevent the English from doing a second blockade against them.
The Dutch lost 16 ships to England's one.
The battle was, supposed to have taken place on the 11 June 1665, but it ended up being on the 13 June 1665. The English did win the battle but like the Dutch lost many men in the process of it.

Industries, fishing and shopping.

Lowestoft was a busy fishing port but gradually the fishing industries disappeared and closed down.
So the port now lays near enough empty which is sad as many men lost their jobs.
Most of the big industries in Lowestoft have now closed with one catching fire, a few weeks ago.
It has gone from a busy surviving town to a non surviving town, with many shops closing down.
The town went downhill when Woolworth's closed down, and other shops have followed.
Lowsetoft shopping center ( if you can call it that) will soon be a ghost town.

Most Easterly point and beaches

Lowesotft ( Ness point) is the most easterly point in Britain, The sun rises in the east so there are some lovely sunrises to be seen ( if you can get up early enough) and there are many places to visit in and around Lowestoft.

The beach often gets the Blue flag award ( cleanest beaches in Britain. Dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer) and in July or August they hold a two day airs which brings in people from all over the world, and it is one of the only airships that is held on a beach and out to sea.


On a Thursday night in 0ulton Broad they hold a speedboat evening with the boats racing and they have them on the Bank holidays through out the summer months.
The racers come from all around the world to race.
These evenings start from About April time and go through to September and can be exciting to watch if you like that sort of thing. However be warned they are noisy too.

Famous people from Lowestoft

There are a few famous people that come from Lowestoft, like,

Sir Samuel Morton Peto, he brought Somerleyton hall in the 1843 and there are some new roads that have been named after him.

Benjamin Britain The famous composer was born in Lowestoft, He has a bed and breakfast named after him, a shopping center and a school

Charles Dickens Inspiration for David Copperfield came from Blunderston ( a small village on the outskirts of Lowestoft ) and The beach village ( which was a little Village in Lowestoft )

George Borrow wrote his books while staying in Oulton Broad and had a hotel named after him which has now been turned into a chemist!

There are many more famous people that have lived or come from Lowestoft.

Also Lowestoft has been named in the Doomsday book.



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30th Jul 2010 (#)

Great Article!!! great place to visit and such beautiful beaches!!! was an ACE place to take my best friend who stayed for a 4day weekend!!!

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31st Jul 2010 (#)

beaches and lovely places-oh those fascinate me.

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