MS Excel shortcuts

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Excel shortcuts are a vital weapon in any data analyst’s arsenal. As most data analysts have to do operations in financial modeling repeatedly and knowing keyboard shortcuts can speed up the work and save a lot of time and money.They just make working with MS Excel easier, faster, and more accurate

MS Excel shortcuts

Spreadsheets are an effective and easy way to save huge data.All professionals must have some working knowledge in spreadsheets especially of MS Excel, the most common platform for working with databases. Also as the present work environments needs smart workers, it would be very helpful if a person can do more work in the shortest period of time. Keyboard shortcuts for MS Excel can help anyone work faster by saving 2 seconds per minute, which amounts to saving a total of 8 working days per year, which is quite awesome. So take a look below at some of the most useful MS Excel keyboard shortcuts. Use this shortcuts and impress your team with your improved productivity.

· Alt+Enter: To insert a new line within a cell
· F2: To edit within a cell
· Shift+F2: Allows you to add comments in the cell.
· Ctrl+F2: Opens the print preview
· Ctrl+Enter: To fill selected cells with an entry you have typed in another cell.
· Ctrl+D or Ctrl+R: This key will help you to fill the data right or down through selected cells.
· Ctrl+F3: To create a name
· Ctrl ; (semi-colon) or Ctrl : (colon): To enter the current date and time
· F11: To create a chart from a range of the data
· Ctrl ~: Toggles the display of formulas.
· Ctrl+Z: Undo
· Ctrl+V: Multiple paste
· Ctrl+*: Select current region
· Shift+F11: Insert new work sheet
· Ctrl+N: Open new workbook
· Ctrl+X: Cut
· Ctrl+spacebar: select
· Shift+spacebar: Columns select rows
· Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U: Cells, Bold, Underline
· Ctrl+A: This shortcut is useful when you want to select the entire sheet or the current area.
· Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V: These shortcuts are useful when you want to copy and paste anything after selecting the region or anywhere else in the entire worksheet.
· Ctrl+Y: This helps you redo any of your previous action.
· Ctrl+F: This shortcut helps in finding any dialogue box.
· Ctrl+H: This shortcut will automatically help you in replacing any dialogue box. This is very useful when you want to find any text in Excel worksheet.
· Ctrl+Shift+Right / Ctrl+Shift+Down: Is for filling across the columns and rows. Use this shortcut instead of clicking and dragging within the cell to the right/ down.
· Alt+’: This shortcut is for applying the style quickly to your models as this shortcut brings up the style dialogue box.
· Ctrl+End: This shortcut helps you get to the end of your worksheet in a flash.
· F7: This shortcut helps you quickly check your spelling.


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